Preseason 2019

Koel Kings: Captains Round One

In season 2019 we thought we’d approach our weekly captaincy article from a different perspective. Rather than just giving a ‘top 5’ for the formats and explaining reasoning (which we have done previously) we decided to have all past winners of the Nobel Koel (our coach of the year award) to share with you a captaincy and vice captaincy option for each week.

Vital Deadlines

This article is your one-stop shop of the last-minute lockout and key dates leading into the first round of AFL. Please note, All times are in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Team Reveal: Rainman

A very different world this year in DT with the introduction of the rolling lockout as well as the new rules that have been talked about extensively. We particularly need to keep rolling lockout in mind and cognisant of that, I have made sure that my side has sufficient DPP