Preseason 2019

Team Reveal: Rainman

A very different world this year in DT with the introduction of the rolling lockout as well as the new rules that have been talked about extensively. We particularly need to keep rolling lockout in mind and cognisant of that, I have made sure that my side has sufficient DPP

Round Table: Sydney

It’s hard to know how the perennial ‘there or thereabouts’ Swans will perform for 2019. Some new faces in the engine room appear likely and assessing the potential relevance for each always makes for an interesting debate.

Round Table: St Kilda

The Saints have a fantastic early draw on paper with games against the Gold Coast, Essendon, Fremantle & Hawthorn. Is there opportunity for clever coaches to capitalise on this for a handy head start on the competition?

Spend Your Time On The Right Thing

You’ve spent hours planning, preparing and trying out different structures that could potentially land you the prime starting squad. As important as it is the team you eventually role into the season with won’t be the thing that wins you the top ranking.