Preseason 2019

JLT Players of Interest: Bulldogs Vs Suns

The Suns played the Doggies up in Mackay on Sunday. The ball was a little slippery at times which caused a few dropped marks or missed pick-ups, and both teams had a lot of young guys playing.

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JLT Players Of Interest: Sydney Vs GWS Giants

The Battle of the Bridge was on in Blacktown, with Buddy, McVeigh, Grundy, JKelly, Hopper, Greene and Haynes all missing the action. For the majority of the game GWS controlled the game with precise kicking and plenty of polish and looked good with their ball movement, but this was JLT-1, so we need to be careful.

JLT Players of Interest: Adelaide Vs Port Adelaide

It was a scorching afternoon at Memorial Oval in Port Pirie, and the Crows and Power did battle in over 40-degree temperatures. Both sides have plenty of fantasy football relevant players to discuss, and we learnt plenty because of this hitout.

JLT Players of Interest: Carl vs Ess

Last night we sent Jimmy down to Ikon Park to get a good look at how the game unfolded. Here’s how nine players of interest performed in their first serious hitout for the year.

What You Must Do Before The JLT Series Starts

We’re now just mere days away from the AFL preseason going into full throttle with fantasy coaches finally getting a proper look at how sides may structure up, which cash cows may be in round one contention and if any players have a notable role change. However, at this time every preseason, there is always one thing I do, and that is…

The Decision That Will Determine Your Season

One decision can make or break your fantasy football season! It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s true. A selection (or non-selection) can determine whether the season ends in ruins or as a triumphant success.

Round Table: Port Adelaide

Now that the excitement of AFLX is over and done with (and I bet you can’t wait for it to return next preseason), let’s get back into planning for the real deal. Port Adelaide is up next.