Preseason 2021

Why I’m not starting Brodie Grundy In 2021.

A big call, right? For years he’s been a staple of our fantasy football sides regardless of the formats or versions you play. But in 2021, I’m not starting Brodie Grundy. Here’s why.

Replacing Zac Williams

Heading into the AAMI Community Series, approximately one third of coaches across all fantasy formats were picking Zac Williams. With the confirmation of his suspension being upheld, these coaches now need to plan for how they’ll be replacing Zac Williams in there starting side. Here’s my take on some of the best available players and strategies.

AAMI Community Series Review | Lions Vs Suns

This was a classic tale of two halves sort of game with the Suns looking irresistible in the first half before being steamrolled in the second half by the Lions’ premiership fancies, who stormed to a 28-point win. Brisbane had kicked 11 unanswered at one stage as they put their foot down, but there was still plenty of positives for Gold Coast, including the return of the man, the myth, Matty Rowell!

AAMI Community Series Review | Bulldogs Vs Demons

If you believe in changing your team mid AAMI community series, then this clash would’ve given your fantasy footy apps a workout. With premiums delivering big numbers, we got alot to take away from the Bulldogs and Demons game.

AAMI Community Series Review | Power Vs Crows

It was a one sided affair in the mini showdown. The Power controlled the tempo of the game and, as a result, dominated the possession and the scoreboard. Here’s my review of the AAMI Community series match between the Power and the Crows.

AAMI Community Series Review | Swans Vs Giants

What a big day of footy with three state based rivalry clashes. The first of them went down at Giants Stadium. From cash cows to stepping stones and premiums, we’ve got plenty of fantasy relevant players to consider from this game. Here’s my AAMI Community series review of the Swans Vs Giants.

AAMI Community Series Review | Cats Vs Bombers

What a weird game of AFL. Geelong spent the vast majority of it either unwilling or unable to apply much defensive structure. At the same time, Essendon was playing as if they had 4 premiership points available. Regardless, there was plenty to take away from the AAMI Community Series clash between the Cats and Bombers.

AAMI Community Series Review | Kangaroos Vs Hawks

If you expect me (Rids) to put scores and stats into this, you have clicked on the wrong review. This review is my thoughts and opinions from watching the game. If you want stats and scores, then use google.

AAMI Community Series Review | Magpies Vs Tigers

This was a different game to last night, but there was plenty of entertainment and fantasy interest. Richmond jumped out of the blocks, but Collingwood lifted before the scoreboard got away from them. The game’s intensity levels were up and down, and it did feel like a practice game for the most part, but the final 10 minutes were thrilling as the Tigers just held on. Plenty of talking points, so let’s get to it.

AAMI Community Series Review | Blues Vs Saints

Wow, that game was unrecognisable from the footy we saw in 2020. It was all out attack from both sides in what could be a welcome return to high scoring in 2021. Both sides showed plenty, but the Saints were too slick, holding off the fast finishing Blues. Fantasy relevant players were as plentiful as goals, so strap yourselves in as I give you my take.