Preseason 2023

#46 Most Relevant: Tom Lynch

He was arguably the biggest name to move clubs during the offseason, but will he have a big fantasy footy impact at the Tigers?

#47 Most Relevant: Nic Newman

One positive thing comes from injuries and that’s opportunities for others. An injury to Sam Docherty could be a huge fantasy boost for Nic Newman.

#50 Most Relevant: Harley Bennell

Welcome to the 50 Most Relevant list of 2019 where I look at who I believe are the most relevant players in all salary cap formats of the game. To kick off the 50 I’ve started with a potentially highly controversial selection in Fremantle’s Harley Bennell.

JLT Analysis: Coming Soon

The JLT Community Series is quickly approaching and as with every year, you’ll get the best analysis right here on the Coaches Panel

50 Most Relevant: The Concept

What makes a player relevant in fantasy footy? MJ talks us through how he plans to spend this preseason looking at who is the 50 Most Relevant players.