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Patreon Only | Trade Review | Jon Patton

Impact on the new club: 

Hawthorn could have a steal on their hands with the 2011 former number one draft pick joining the club. Coming off the back of his third knee reconstruction the Hawks will be hoping he can reach his full potential as a dominant key forward.

The inclusion of Patton into the forward line immediately straightens and strengthens the structure. He will be a strong physical presence alongside developing tall Mitch Lewis. Patton’s arrival will free up Jack Gunston back into his preferred third and mobile tall forward role. 

It also means James Sicily who at times in the season used as a tall forward target should have one less reason to see his fantasy scoring suffer in 2020.

Impact on the old club:

Honestly, not much. With the evolution of Jeremy Finlayson complete the GWS Giants talls for the forward line have been settled. Finlayson is now playing a significant supporting tall role to Harry Himmelberg and Coleman Medal winner Jeremy Cameron.

If one of the Giants tall forwards suffers an injury next season, I believe they can adequately fill the void. GWS stocks a full with a plethora of damaging small, versatile midfielders and capable swingmen all able to play a forward role.

Fantasy Summary: 

Due to missing the 2019 season with injury Patton should receive the full 20% discount available. He as a person of interest for me, especially for SuperCoach given both his starting price just north of potential $300,000. Furthermore, with the score weighting towards contested marks, he could provide a handy stepping stone early in the year.

The critical variable to forecasting his scores will be around whether or not he gets any time as the relief ruckman. In 2016-2017 where he scored back to back 70+ seasons he played predominantly as a key forward and then as the #2 ruck to Shane Mumford

His new team Hawthorn already have Ben McEvoy and Jon Ceglar sharing ruck duties. So it is unlikely he’ll get the first chance at this. 

The more significant beneficiary for fantasy will be the freedom for Jack Gunston to play the role which he was vital in the Hawks premiership era. I see Jack now being able to play higher as a forward and creating a link-up option. In addition to now being able to take the oppositions third-best taller defender. 

In Deep drafts and price dependant in SuperCoach, he needs to be on the watchlist.

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