Team Reveals

Rids AFLFantasy Team Reveal: 3 Months Before Lockout

After watching some of my fellow panellists drop their AFLFantasy team, MJ started bugging me for a team. I didn’t want to do it, but we’ve done Coaches Panel enough that I know there are only two ways to shut him up. One, just cave and give him what he wants. Or second, and my preferred, remind him of the 2017 AFL Grand Final result. So, whatever, here it is.

MiniMonk’s AFLFantasy Team Reveal: 3 Months Before Lockout

The preseason has barely just begun yet AFL Fantasy have us, but not our families, a favour. The release of the format for the 2024 season has thrown not just one but many cats amongst the pigeons, with early bye rounds, best 18’s, and potentially huge price changes all in consideration for the early part of the season. With that said, it is important to balance selections for players, particularly premiums, who don’t have the early bye.

MJ’s AFLFantasy Team Reveal

On Monday, a poll was sent out on Twitter, and the question was asked, of the three formats which side did you want to see revealed by MJ? You answered AFLFantasy, so here it is. My AFLFantasy Team Reveal for 2023.

Rids SuperCoach Team Reveal

Round one is just a few days away, so it’s time for me to reveal the SuperCoach side for the upcoming 2023 season. Enjoy it!