Rids SuperCoach Team Reveal

Round one is just a few days away, so it’s time for me to reveal the SuperCoach side for the upcoming 2023 season. Enjoy it!


James Sicily and Sam Docherty are the two premium defenders I am the most comfortable with. Elliot Yeo picks himself. Liam Jones, I struggled with it. I am uncomfortable having him at d4 and feel he is the most likely to burn a few trades early to fix if he fails. At least he is gaining popularity. Reuben Ginbey and Charlie Constable pick themselves if they get named.


I decided to go a little thinner in the mids to fit in the big five forwards. I also think there are big questions around many of the top mids. The two that I don’t have questions about are Rory Laird and Clayton Oliver. Tom Green will take the next step in SC this year and end the season as an uber mid. Jacob Hopper is a clearance beast and should thrive in the Richmond setup.

The jungle drums have been beating loudly about Finn Callaghan for a while now. I usually hate starting players around the 250,000 range, but with 36 trades and boosts, it can be rectified easily enough this year. Finally, will Phillips start on the field I have more faith in him than a forward rookie in SuperCoach.


Sean Darcy is SC proven to a point. He is the fittest I have ever seen him. Rowan Marshall picks himself.


I’m starting the fab five forwards. Josh Dunkley, Stephen Coniglio, Connor Rozee, Tim Taranto and the newest member to the five, Errol Gulden. It just feels right to start this year. Having Alwyn Davey Jnr on the mid-bench allows flexibility to swing them into the mids if required. Harry Sheezel rounds out the on-field forwards.

Full Team