AAMI Community Series

AAMI Community Series Review | Gold Coast Vs Geelong

This was a fascinating contest to round out the pre-season games. Gold Coast essentially dominated the game but were nearly undone by terrible conversion in front of goal. Geelong, being the experienced side it is, took advantage of the missed Suns opportunities and found themselves in front early in the second half. The young Suns found their kicking boots in time though and stormed home to a 23-point win. 

AAMI Community Series Review | West Coast Vs Fremantle

For the second time in a week, the Dockers and Eagles went head-to-head in a practice match but this one was a much closer representation of how the sides will line up in round 1 and thankfully was a much closer contest to watch. The undermanned Eagles did well to stay in the contest all night with the Dockers’ poor goal conversion keeping it a contest. In the end, Fremantle held on for a nice win and both sides will take plenty of positives in the lead up to round 1.

Don’t Make This Mistake (again)

So today, for the first time in months, AFL is back! Yes, it’s just practice games, but with the majority of the East Coast denied footy for almost 12 months, the excitement amongst fans, even just for practice games, is very real. For Fantasy footy coaches, it’s even greater with it the first chance we get televised games and a chance to see what our players might deliver. But, amidst all the excitement and anticipation, remember one thing, don’t make these elementary mistakes.

AAMI Community Series Review | Lions Vs Suns

This was a classic tale of two halves sort of game with the Suns looking irresistible in the first half before being steamrolled in the second half by the Lions’ premiership fancies, who stormed to a 28-point win. Brisbane had kicked 11 unanswered at one stage as they put their foot down, but there was still plenty of positives for Gold Coast, including the return of the man, the myth, Matty Rowell!