Practice Match Review: GWS Giants Vs Gold Coast

The Giants and the Suns kicked off the last day of practice matches for us. In a relatively high-scoring affair, the Giants took their foot off the gas in the second half and cruised comfortably towards round 1.

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Josh Kelly

Kelly was used exclusively through the midfield for the Giants and looked good in doing so, finding plenty of space. Didn’t go as hard as he could’ve, and if you were hot before then, there are no red flags as to starting the Rolls Royce himself. Maybe MJ should’ve put him in the 50…

Isaac Cumming

Cumming had a ton of the ball in the middle portion of the game, getting involved in plenty of switching and providing run and carry off the half-back line. As a defender premium who has gone under the radar, Cumming has put himself firmly into conversations around being near the top of his line.

Tom Green

The kid is just a contested bull. Green gets in and under at every opportunity he can and works hard the entire time. Exclusive midfield usage and looked good in the process. Big ticks for him.

Stephen Coniglio

He was one of the four who got heavy CBA rotation for the Giants, but he was certainly outshone by both Green and Kelly. Coniglio was pushing forward off stoppages, finding himself in a ‘no mans land’ at times. Certainly some red flags there now, especially with the plethora of Forward premiums in our consideration for round 1.

Lachie Whitfield

The Whitfield of old was back, sweeping off the back of stoppages and finding plenty of the ball. Was one of the most impressive Giants in the first half before slowing down in the second as they used other players in a similar role. Whitfield is all but guaranteed DPP in round 6, but can he be started in our midfields and ran until then?

Finn Callaghan

Callaghan didn’t see any CBAs but that didn’t stop his ability to rack up the ball. He was clearly one of the better players for the Giants on the wing during the game, finding his way into stoppages after the initial centre bounces. At his price tag there is plenty to like.

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Jarrod Witts

Witts just eased his way into Round 1 with a hit out in this game, resting most of the fourth quarter. He looked solid matched up against Preuss and moved well. With the ruck carnage around, Witts could be a stable option for us to start the season.

Noah Anderson

Anderson was quiet but was another who didn’t need to do much. He only really played in the first three quarters and had low time on ground. One who could still have a great 2023, but nothing can be taken from this game regarding Noah.

Charlie Constable

Constable played off of half back and managed to get plenty of ball. He took kick outs and got involved with the ball movement out of defence for the Suns. At his price, should he be selected for round 1 he should be an easy decision.

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Sam Flanders

No Touk Miller and a decreased prominence of Anderson meant Flanders was the big beneficiary. Worked around the ground well and got into the right spots. He will be a phenomenal player; he just needs the doors to open for him.

Ben King

Played only the first half of the game as part of a managed load. Had one goal but didn’t do too much to impress. He fits in as a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ option.