Practice Match Review: Hawthorn Vs Collingwood

Finally, the games started and we got underway with the Magpies and the Hawks. Here’s my take on the game,

Tom Mitchell

If you were keen before there’s no reason not to be now. Played midfield and found a good mix of contested and uncontested footy. Within this Collingwood game style the Titch scoring of old won’t return, but he’s clearly an important part of how the Pies midfield set up as demonstrated by his CBA numbers (19 – third highest)

Darcy Cameron

A pretty invisible game despite what the numbers suggest. A positive here is that his split of the ruck was larger than Cox this week – roughly 60/40 in his favour. From R7 2022 Cameron had 56% of the ruck share for his 92 average, so we may see a similar split in 2023, though his scoring may be affected with an added tall in McStay coming into the side. For this reason, Cameron could potentially be a sub out candidate if the Pies feel they are too tall.

Taylor Adams

Played a decent bit up forward and could be a forward DPP candidate come R6. He looks super fit at the moment and a fit Adams always has a capacity to score, but the consistency may be lacking in this role.

Jack Crisp

Looks to be purely a midfielder now. Was relevant in a Buckley era Collingwood side, but will struggle to get up amongst the top midfielders to be worth using a starting pick on. With no chance of DPP, I’d be looking elsewhere.

Jordan De Goey

Played through the midfield and despite low TOG put up some impressive numbers. Would be worth serious consideration if he still had forward status, but as a mid only you’d need to be really confident in him – and even then I think his ceiling will be capped by the current Collingwood gamestyle of move the ball forward at all costs.

Nick Daicos

Was tagged by Finn Maginness and had to get creative with how he found the footy. It was a pretty tight tag so I tend to look at the positives in that he still managed 17 disposals and a modest 58 fantasy score, and you’d think he’d be better off for the experience…perhaps it’s lit a fire in his belly for R1. Still, this could be the beginning of a trend and Sam Mitchell has put the blueprint up on the wall for all the other clubs. Aside from this concern, when he was involved in the play he looked like the same Nick Daicos many coaches grew to love last year. I wouldn’t be hitting the panic button on this one.

Jai Newcombe

This kid is going to be a star. Every chance he takes another step in his fantasy potential as it looks like he’s locked down the main mid spot in the hawthorn engine room. The best fantasy players come into the comp with an ability to tackle, then learn to hunt the footy – and I think that sums up Newcombe well. It remains to be seen if he can find the footy consistently but I think this pick screams upside – the question is how much, and is he worth picking over other players priced similarly? I’ll leave that up to you as a reader because this one needs the eye test.

Cam Mackenzie

Lock him in on field for round 1. Classy, high footy IQ and uses the ball superbly. Couldn’t have shown any more.

James Sicily

Did as Sicily does – if you were keen before then he gave you no reason not to be now. You’ll get what you pay for here, and likely find some upside in games where the Hawks are uncompetitive. A slight flag would be the share of kick ins with Bramble, but it’s impossible to answer whether this’ll happen in the season proper.

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Will Day

Had the mid role and worked into it as the game went on. He looked good in there but is very much a sweeper so will be reliant on getting the ball fed out to him. I don’t think hawthorns engine room will be good enough to make him a worthwhile pick, but he does represent value at his price if you were bullish.

Fergus Greene

A seriously hard working and clever player. Ironically there’s a bit of Jack Gunston about him. A mature age player that knows how to position himself and find the goals…I’d be stashing him on the bench and be confident in him ticking over the cash, albeit he may be a slower burn than some other rookies. He’ll have rock solid job security though so this shouldn’t matter too much.

Dylan Moore

Didn’t attend a single centre bounce. This man is a specialist half forward and he’s extremely good at it. Unfortunately for fantasy in a poor hawks side I don’t think it’ll translate to consistent scoring.