Practice Match Review: St Kilda Vs Essendon 

This was a crucial game for fantasy coaches. We had plenty of premiums and cash cows on show, and by the end of the game, a much clearer picture had been painted. Here’s my review of the St Kilda and Essendon practice match.

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Mason Wood

The preseason specialist. However, this felt a little different with a new coach in charge. Wood roamed the wing. Had one of the friendliest roles I can remember. Often plays a kick behind play, then pushes into the contest at a stoppage. So much to like in the hit-out. Maybe one for a sneaky late pick in a draft. Rowan Marshall – when he has the sole ruck duty, he is pure fantasy. You will be nervous after viewing this game if he isn’t in your starting plans.

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

What a silky smooth mover. Shame he is mid only. He is odds on to gain def at some stage. Makes good decisions by foot and hand. He will only improve too as the year goes on. Definitely one for keepers.

Brad Crouch

Has always been able to find the ball. His body has been an issue previously but looked super fit. Not sure he is a salary option, but he has the role and very little CBA competition outside of Steele. The new game plan will suit his style too of being an extractor.

Jack Steele

His body shape has changed this off-season. The guy still loves a hug. I haven’t been huge on Steele this year due to the change of coach and game plan. If you were big on him before this game, nothing I saw would change your mind. The fact he played was prob enough.

Jack Bytel

Unfortunately, his stocks rose in this game due to the injury to Windhager. Had a very nice role when he got on the park. Also priced ok across the formats. If Windhager is out for a while, then Bytel looks like the beneficiary. Monitor.

Mattaes Phillipou

I reckon Ross loves this kid. He is a decent size and has a few tricks. Played more fwd than mid but didn’t look out of place. The DPP also will be handy. His job security looks solid.

Hunter Clark

He has the role but doesn’t find the ball enough. Hard to gauge what to expect out of Clark this year, but will improve as the year goes on and he gets more games under his belt.

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Andy McGrath

He played across half-back. The Bombers looked for him at every opportunity in this game. Questionable if he can average enough to be a top-10 defender. It’s a tough line in defence. McGrath may be a solid option moving into the year proper. He should see a bit of ball this year.

Jordan Ridley

The intercepting Jordan Ridley is back. The Bomber backs shared the ball, and Ridley looked good throughout. Another sneaky option moving into round 1 esp in SC.

Zac Merrett

Just did Zerrett things with a minimum of fuss. May have played himself into a round one tag though. Buyer beware.

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Darcy Parish

He didn’t look right at all in this game. He was in the guts much, and when he was couldn’t get his hands on it at all. Saw a pic post-game of ice strapped to his calf. Too risky now to even think about starting him. Pass.

Alwyn Davey

Alwyn started as a small forward but didn’t play like a small forward. Roamed the ground and looked very, very good. Welcome to round 1 Alwyn junior, and welcome to my team.

Jye Menzie

The forward rookie with the biggest job security probably did not let us down. Didnt hit the scoreboard in this game but did enough to earn his first full game in round one. Also a sneaky on-field option proposition depending on the opposition.