Practice Match Review: Sydney Vs Carlton

All the talk in this match will be about one man, but the reality, there’s a plethora of takeaways that the fantasy community should be getting beyond Errol Gulden. From cows to premiums and everything in between, this match will be one of the most relevant from the weekend. 

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Errol Gulden

45 touches! What the actual. I empathise with those who’ve been bullish on Errol Gulden all preseason. They’ve endured weeks of comments from the community that he won’t get the midfield role or have a high enough ceiling. It might be preseason, but that can’t be said now. We’ve seen Errol as one of the midfield’s primary staples for multiple weeks.

In these match reviews, people often forget about the missing players; in this clash, there was no Callum Mills. So that doe need to factor in, but it’s important to note that in the match simulation last week, Mills did play, and Errol held a similar midfield role. The role looks real, and his preseason performances now elevate him into serious consideration for our starting squads.

I wrote about him earlier in the preseason during the 50 most relevant. You can read the article & listen to the podcast here.

Matt Roberts

I was impressed with Matt Roberts. He showed his high footy IQ, and he’s got all the signs he’s yet another strong insider midfielder. But he screams vest candidate to me; I couldn’t select him with any confidence. 

Luke Parker

This is what Luke Parker is. Safe & reliable. Unless he picks up DPP again, he’s unlikely to feature in too many teams outside of draft and daily fantasy. But you have to respect how consistently good he has been over his career. 

Lachlan McAndrew

The fantasy community watched with great interest to see how Lachie McAndrew would go. With no Tom Hickey early in the season, coaches hoped we could’ve landed a basement price RUC/FWD at R3. While he looked good out there, he only played 38% of the game. The positive for McAndrew truthers is that Peter Ladhams didn’t look great. The Swans coaching staff will have some decisions to make ahead of round one. However, he’s no lock to miss or get named round one. 

Angus Sheldrick

The club has been bullish to talk up Angus Sheldrick a lot in the preseason, but the fact he only got minimal minutes and with a few of the best 22 absent it doesn’t bode well for him getting named round one. Even if named, he’s got a coloured vest hanging around his neck. 

Chad Warner

If you have been bullish on Chad Warner all preseason, nothing in this match should have changed your mind. He still has the midfield role; he got through unscathed and cruised in second gear. 

I wrote about him earlier in the preseason during the 50 most relevant. You can read the article & listen to the podcast here.

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Sam Docherty

With all the talk from this match about Errol Gulden, people are sleeping on one of the biggest stories of the preseason. That being that, Sam Docherty will once again be a points-scoring force. He still picked up some centre bounces but was primarily back in the role he held last year across halfback. If you choose not to start him, you’ll be either paying up to land him or hoping for an injury to come his way. He’s showing no signs of slowing down and looks like a clear topline defensive premium. 

I wrote about him earlier in the preseason during the 50 most relevant. You can read the article & listen to the podcast here.

George Hewett

Twelve months ago, the community was all aboard George Hewett as one of the best midprice defenders. He became a legit premium, and only an injury impacted him doing even better. Losing defensive status has impacted his standing in the fantasy community, but it hasn’t impacted his role and scoring potential that he has.

While I’m not advocating for him as a pick in ‘classic,’ he’s still a genuine premium to pick in drafts. Every season this happens, a player loses DPP, and the community loses interest in them. If you’re lucky enough to land him on draft day, chances are you’ve got him below his market rate.

Alex Cincotta

The signing of Alex Cincotta as an SSP looks like a masterful addition to Carlton. He has settled in well to the Blues back six. His speed, clearance work, defensive pressure and vertical leap were displayed. He looks to have found the speed and tempo of AFL, and I believe he’s done enough to have won a debut in round one. 

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Oliver Hollands

All preseason we’ve known that Blakes Acres will hold down one of the wings for Carlton. He was recruited for a purpose. But who’d get the other? Oliver Hollands has the skills, speed and smarts for this role. His connection between the other midfielders and the forward line will improve as he gets opportunities. A handful of marks and almost 20 touches means he’s shown that he more than ‘belongs’ at the level.

I’ve got him right in the mix for a round-one debut. And with Carlton playing in round one, the fantasy community will jump on him if he gets a debut. However, the need to lock away a midfield bench spot and not ‘miss a cow’ will be more of a driver rather than how good he has looked.

Lachie Cowan

Lachie Cowan is battling with Alex Cincotta to get the spot left by the injury to Zac Williams. We saw flashes of Cowan’s speed and skill. Carlton fans and the fantasy community should be excited about his potential in time. Based on this match, you’d have to say Alex has pulled ahead and should get the opportunity against the Tigers. The Blues cannot play them both unless another injury hits.