2023 Coaches Panel Predictions | Forwards

The Coaches Panel members make bold predictions for the upcoming season every pre-season. These predictions are made without knowing what other members are saying, and just like you, find out as they read this article. Check out the boys predictions for the forwards in 2023.

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids: Josh Dunkley. That is all.

MJ: It’s very easy to say Josh Dunkley. We’ll have some amazing forwards this year, but Dunks is still head and shoulders above them all. 

Jordox: Now at the Lions, Josh Dunkley is set to explode with less time sitting forward and more time beast-moding in the guts.

Jimmy: In a turn of events that will surprise absolutely nobody who has been tuning in here for awhile, I’ll nominate Tim Taranto.

The Midprice player that fires

Rids: Tom Powell. Kid can play. He is over his injuries and has had a full preseason. Watch him flourish under Clarkson.

MJ: I don’t often look at things with ‘Crows coloured glasses’, but I don’t see how Izak Rankine doesn’t average over 90 in SuperCoach this season.

Jordox: He’s a slam dunk pick in SC, but Nat Fyfe might just surprise a few in the other formats. He looks ready to officially start his career as a forward and he will have a great year doing it.

Jimmy: Suggest keeping an eye on Tom Sparrow this year, just quietly. Ben Hobbs, too.

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids: Sam Flanders. Has a bit of hype around him. Kid can play. Just think he averages enough to make it worthwhile. 

MJ: Jack Ziebell. There’s been some late preseason love come for the former North skipper. As the season goes on, the Kangaroos will give an even stronger responsibility to the kids. Ziebell might have some kick-in duties, but I can’t forecast him returning to the scoring trend and role of 2021. 

Jordox: Whilst he hasn’t put a foot wrong in the preseason, I don’t think Tanner Bruhn walks into the Cats midfield and scores well straight away. He will get ample opportunities, but it might just be a year too early for the fantasy rewards.

Jimmy: That Lions midfield gets increasingly stacked every year, and I can’t see Zac Bailey getting the rotations needed to increase his average by any significant measure. I’d go so far to say that if you own him in a keeper league, look to sell high now.

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids: Fergus Greene has looked good in the offseason. Presents and works hard up the ground from a flank. Will make solid coin!

MJ: I can’t believe the amount of coaches that are sleeping on Jye Menzie. He’s got one of the best job securities for all forward cows and has a nice early fixture. 

Jordox: He’s expensive, but Harry Sheezel looks like being an on field cow that will take us to the byes.

Jimmy: Lachlan McAndrew looks to be a good chance for a handful of games this year and gives a handy ruck/forward link on your bench in the meantime. Worth a look

My Big Call Is…

Rids: Jade Gresham will play every game in 2023.

MJ: Bailey Smith to be the first of three new MID/FWD’s we get this season that will all average over 100.

Jordox: After years of promise, Wayne Milera will finally deliver on some of his potential as he returns to his best position, setting up the play from halfback. Watch him average 80+ across the formats this year.

Jimmy: This is the year that we see why Jamarra Ugle-Hagan was taken at #1.