2023 Coaches Panel Predictions | Rucks

The Coaches Panel members make bold predictions for the upcoming season every pre-season. These predictions are made without knowing what other members are saying, and just like you, find out as they read this article. Check out the boys predictions for the rucks in 2023.

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids: Tim English. That is all.

MJ: For seasons it’s been something all fantasy coaches have known. A solo ruck role for Rowan Marshall means he’s a pure fantasy scorer. We’ve seen it for patches over the past few years, and last weekend we were reminded just how dominant he can be. 

Jordox: It’s finally Rowan Marshall season! All signs point to RoMo exploding this season and it’s going to be great to watch.

Jimmy: We’re throwing darts at the best of times but especially in the rucks. Oh let’s say… Moe. Or Tim English. He seems about due.

The Midprice player that fires

Rids: None. They are smelly this year. He won’t fire but Lloyd Meek might have a honeymoon period at the Hawks. Mid pricer that busts All of them! They smell.

MJ: Do I have to pick one? Fine! Tristan Xerri. The Roos need to look forward to the future and Tristan is that for them in the rucks.

Jordox: I don’t think he “fires” as such, but Peter Ladhams will never get a better opportunity to become the number ruck at Sydney than he gets right now, with Hickey to miss most of the first half of the year. It’s now or never and I think he steps up.

Jimmy: Is this the year that TDK finally takes the step? Probably not, but he’s fun to watch, and Carlton should (“should”) be giving him the first opportunity every week.

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids: See above! I hate mudprice rucks.

MJ:  Braydon Preuss. He’ll score great, but get suspended eight times!

Jordox: Like most, I have been umming and uhhing over Scott Lycett all pre-season and ultimately, I think he will bring more headaches than good scores and cash generation. Don’t be surprised if Teakle taps him on the shoulder at some stage this year too.

Jimmy: You weren’t picking Lloyd Meek anyway, let’s be honest.

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids: I would only touch Esava in SC. Start a ruck with DPP that wont play as the captain loophole option. People will need to do some homework who that is in relation to their side.

MJ: The injury to Tom Hickey has opened up a spot at R1 for the Swans. It won’t surprise me if Lachie McAndrew gets a few games to see what he can do. His RUC/FWD status will be hugely helpful, even if he doesn’t play. 

Jordox: Esava Ratugolea isn’t basement price but his role and DPP eligibility make him a great R3 to start the year. Has spent most of his stop-start career as a forward but seems to have found himself a nice spot in the back 6 that should generate some good cash flow.

Jimmy: Any with DPP and/or named round one. Samson Ryan might tick both boxes, but don’t expect a score much above 40.

My Big Call Is…

Rids: Sam Draper cuts his mullet off before the end of the year.

MJ: The ‘set & forget’ ruck strategy truthers will be proven correct 

Jordox: Reilly O’Brien is largely friendless in the fantasy world, and I really don’t know why. 2023 will be a career-best fantasy season for the big ROB dog. As the players at his feet improve, so will he. 

Jimmy: Both Gawn and Grundy will increase their averages from last season.