2023 Coaches Panel Predictions | Midfield

The Coaches Panel members make bold predictions for the upcoming season every pre-season. These predictions are made without knowing what other members are saying, and just like you, find out as they read this article. Check out the boys predictions for the midfielders in 2023.

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids: Rory Laird. The end.

MJ: I don’t believe he’ll have the highest average, but the top scoring player for the season will be Clayton Oiver. He finds a way to score and score big all of the time. I think he and the Demons find a scary new level of excellence in 2023.

Jordox: Andrew Brayshaw will continue his ascension to fantasy greatness with another massive year. In RDT/AF, he has added 8 points to his average every year since 2020 (if you play the x 1.25 game) and I think he’ll do it again, up to the 120 mark.

Jimmy: He flew into the top handful last year and I suspect Callum Mills will increase yet another notch again this season. 

MiniMonk: Andrew Brayshaw has all the tools to be the number one midfielder in AF/RDT this year and should push to be a top 8 in SC. He has full reign over the Dockers midfield and is able to get ball on the inside and the outside. 115+ is on the cards.

The Midprice player that fires

Rids: Jacob Hopper appears to have his body right. He is now at the right club to play full time inside mid. Ready to pop!

MJ: Let’s go a little left field, but I like what Matt Rowell has done this off-season. Yes, in the televised games, it’s been without Touk Miller. However, the impressive part has been that we’ve seen him work on and improve his uncontested possession all preseason. He’s more than just a good clearance winner and tackler; he is an excellent, well-rounded midfielder. Having his first complete AFL preseason will put him in good shape to ‘pop’ this year. 

Jordox: James Worpel doesn’t need to do a heap to be a great pick as his price is much lower than most of the other common midpricers. He will have all the opportunities to become a prime mover in that young midfield and I think he’ll take them.

Jimmy: Third time lucky for Will Setterfield? The role looks to be there and he’s shown glimpses before – talent has never been the question. Think he’s finally landed where he belongs. 

MiniMonk: Finn Callaghan is at such a cheap price that he basically cannot fail. Yes, he might not be getting into their midfield mix, but his wing role will be primed for him and he showed that he can find the space to accumulate the ball.

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids: Dom Sheed. Has been very popular. I just don’t like the Eagles mid-mix at all. They look like they will be poor again too this year. At some stage they will need to get games into the kids.

MJ: James Worpel. He boasts amazing intensity and effort, but his decision-making with the ball is disastrous. Eventually, players like that get overtaken in rebuilding sides. A good sign for the Hawks would be the ‘need’ to play Worpedo as a centre bounce mid in their best 22.   

Jordox: Finn Callaghan has turned some heads this pre-season, but I don’t think this is the year he breaks out in the fantasy world. He’ll have some great games but is too awkwardly priced and I don’t think his cash generation will be consistent enough to be a good pick.

Jimmy: Dare I say it – Dom Sheed. I just can’t see the planets aligning on this one in 2023.

MiniMonk: Jai Culley has a surprising amount of ownership who is on the fringe when the Eagles are fit. Steer clear in my opinion.

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids: Will Ashcroft. The end.

MJ: I’m going to assume at least one of my fellow panellists is going to mention a specific Lion. So I’ll take the next most impressive midfielder in Cam Mackenzie. The young hawk was exceptional last weekend. Surely an absolute lock for round one. 

Jordox: Don’t get cute, pick Will Ashcroft and enjoy the ride.

Jimmy: The simple answer here is Ashcroft, of course. But if (when) Oliver Hollands is named, I’m all in there too.

MiniMonk: Will Ashcroft is the most selected player in the game. Don’t overthink it, just pick him.

My Big Call Is…

Rids: GWS will have 3 players to average 100+ in their midfield. Cogs, Green and Kelly.

MJ: Tom Mitchell will fail to average over 100 across any format. 

Jordox: Lachie Whitfield will be the Giants’ highest scoring fantasy player in 2023, and we will all be scurrying to get him into our backlines after round 6.

Jimmy: Jaeger O’Meara averages over 100 this year at Fremantle, and Will Brodie does not.

MiniMonk: The Bulldogs will also have at least 3 players who average 100+ in their midfield, and none of them will get DPP!