2023 Coaches Panel Predictions | Defenders

The Coaches Panel members make bold predictions for the upcoming season every pre-season. These predictions are made without knowing what other members are saying, and just like you, find out as they read this article. Check out the boys predictions for the defenders in 2023.

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids: Sam Docherty. That is all.

MJ: I find it hard to go past Sam Docherty. He has the complete fantasy game for a defender and has shown across formats over his career he’s got the capacity to score nearing 120 for a season. If these forecast midfield minutes hold, this could be his ticket to the #1 player in the game, not just the defensive line.

Jordox: Pretty hard to go past Sam Docherty. Has had a flawless pre-season and I see no reason for his scoring to drop this year.

Jimmy: Everyone is saying Sam Docherty and it’s hard to disagree. But if anyone else can do it, Angus Brayshaw has the ceiling to get that average above the line. 

MiniMonk: It is hard to go past Sam Docherty, but if anyone could match him in 2023 it would have to be Tom Stewart. The Geelong gun has shown his ability to match his scoring over stretches and has a higher ceiling. 

The Midprice player that fires

Rids: Geel promised Jack Bowes games and mid time to win his signature. If they stick to their word, then Bowes will fire!

MJ: Jake Bowey. The Demons love to have the ball in his hands. He’s a skilful user who is tough but has a blistering turn of pace. He’s shown glimpses last year of scoring, but I think he puts it together this year.

Jordox: Elliot Yeo looks fit and raring to go. Great price across the formats and it’s unlikely we’ll even have to upgrade him.

Jimmy: Ed Richards finished the 2022 season with a five-game average of 97. If he can find some consistency in keeping his lower games at a reasonable level, there’s value to be found here.

MiniMonk: Elliott Yeo is the most popular midpricer in the game for a reason. Role, fitness, and proven scoring is all there. Lock him in and throw away the key. 

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids: Hunter Clark really disappointed me on the weekend. He played in the midfield but didnt get near the ball at all. Might take time to find his fitness and touch back after a long layoff.

MJ: I hate to say it, but I’m just not sure that Hunter Clark will ever make it as a fantasy prospect. He seems to have the role, but he just can’t get the football volume needed to make it pop. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s time to move on from Hunter.

Jordox: Bust is a harsh word but I don’t think Will Day will score enough to justify his selection. Will certainly increase on last year with the extra midfield time, but not enough.

Jimmy: I’m a big fan of Jack Bowes as a player, but much less so on Scott as a fantasy-friendly coach. Bowes fits nicely as a throw-anywhere utility – dare I say it, with a vest – so it’s a case of buyer beware.

MiniMonk: There aren’t many popular midprice options down back but Christian Salem is one someone you should cross off. There are too many coaches who still own him and it’s tricky to know how many games he will play this year, let alone if he plays round 1. 

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids: Alex Cincotta. Knows the Blues system. Mature aged half back. Was chosen over Oleg Markov as a SPP in the preseason. Injury to Zac Williams. The stars have aligned for this guy to play games.

MJ: Charlie Constable. He’s ‘outside’ the range in AFLFantasy, but he’s safely in the range for DT & SC. That ‘quarterback’ role from the Suns defence is real. Don’t overcomplicate it; he’s one of the best options.

Jordox: Reuben Ginbey already looks like an AFL player and will make a heap of cash for us, playing between halfback and on the ball. Has DDP status too, making him extra handy.

Jimmy: It looks like Liam Stocker might have finally found a sense of purpose and clarity in his game. His name carries a stigma in certain circles but the kid might just go okay.

MiniMonk: When we are looking for any rookie that will play down back and there’s one who has a role where we can be confident they’ll score, we have to lock them in. Reuben Ginbey fits this bill. Don’t overthink it. 

My Big Call Is…

Rids: Andrew McGrath will be an All Australian half-back in 2023.

MJ: Jordan Ridley will become a top five defender in SuperCoach for total points by the end of the 2023 season. 

Jordox: If Jack Bowes is named round 1, he’ll play every game for the Cats this year. They didn’t just target him for the much discussed pick 7, they have been into him for a while and like what he can bring to their midfield mix.

Jimmy: Nick Daicos will get a rude awakening on the virtues and trials of being tagged every week, which will only help his game long-term but see his average dip this year compared to last.
MiniMonk: Hayden Young will be a top 6 defender. I think this call will break me this preseason, but I still back this gun even after his preseason games. The role is there, the skills are there, all he has to do is put it all together.