Rids AFLFantasy Team Reveal: 3 Months Before Lockout

After watching some of my fellow panellists drop their AFLFantasy team, MJ started bugging me for a team. I didn’t want to do it, but we’ve done Coaches Panel enough that I know there are only two ways to shut him up. One, just cave and give him what he wants. Or second, and my preferred, remind him of the 2017 AFL Grand Final result. So, whatever, here it is.

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The Team

I’m not like MJ, and going to spend 30 minutes explaining my team to you. But here’s some thought about some of the players.

  • Everyone keeps complaining about the forwards, fine, whatever. But the lack of discussion around Jack Billings is disappointing. The kid can play and might just be the best of the mid-range guys.
  • If Zac Fisher has the role that Jack Ziebell or Aaron Hall previously held, you’ll want to start him and save yourself the in-season trade.
  • Something has to change at Port, and they’ve got a former Brownlow medalist playing outside of his strengths on the wing. Get him back into the midfield, and there’s a huge upside for scoring in AFL Fantasy.
  • I might have six Kangaroos on my side, but Jy Simpkin could be the best of the bunch. When fit, he is a walk-up 90+ scorer.
  • Lachie Whitfield is a fantasy stud! While everyone is picking Nick Daicos I’ll look elsewhere to the guy who’s flying under the radar.
  • That’s it; I’ve got nothing else unless MJ decides to pad this article out with more nonsense. Enjoy