Jordox’s AFLFantasy Team Reveal: 3 Months Before Lockout

Save the best for last, right? I’ve got the privilege of wrapping up the Coaches Panel December edition of the AFLFantasy team reveals. Enjoy!

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Nick Daicos – I spent the opening month of 2023 without Daicos and it was horrible. Never again. I don’t care about the early bye or the early Finn tag, he’s in from the start this time.

Lachie Whitfield – Always a frustrating figure due to trading into him at the worst times. His average jumps up to 97 without the sub affected round 1 score, and is value for a guy who hasn’t averaged under 90 since 2016. 

Jordan Ridley – Jake Kelly’s arrival a couple years ago was supposed to give Ridley a fantasy bump but it didn’t really eventuate. I’m more optimistic with the arrival of Ben Mckay this time and I think there’s a 90+ season in Ridley coming at some stage. 

Keidean Coleman – The grand final was a sign of things to come and Daniel Rich has retired. Should be a popular pick. 

Zac Williams – Remember this guy? Bargain if fit. 

Nick Coffield – 2nd club and 2nd chance to make a fist of his AFL career. Great value if he gets a gig. 

Daniel Curtin – Plays round 1 and will score better than Michallaney did this year.

Josh Gibcus – Rookie priced and will play every game in 2024. Won’t score a lot, but cash gen will be decent enough, especially with the rules around opening round.

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Errol Gulden – Another player I hated not owning for the first part of 2023. Keen to start him this time. 

Tim Taranto – He’s either under-priced if you look at his first half of 2023 or over-priced if you look at his second half. It really depends how you see it, but I think in his 2nd year as a Tiger, he’ll go huge again. 

Andrew Brayshaw – Super consistent and even though slightly down on his 2022 numbers, I except him to go big in 2024. 

Zak Butters – Looked unbelievable at times in his breakout season and is poised to improve again. 

Neil Erasmus – Speculative pick but his 2023 average of 52 doesn’t really tell the story of his heavily sub-affected fantasy season. If he can secure a spot in the 22 and shrug the vest, he has 30 points upside.

Colby McKercher – Will be very popular.

Ryley Sanders – Another popular cash cow at this stage. 

Jeremy Sharp – Will be a very profitable starting cow if named round 1.

Jhye Clark – Loved what I saw from him in his one quarter of footy this year. Cats will look to give him plenty of opportunity. Shaun Mannagh – Mature aged recruits always catch my eye this time of the year. 

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Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy – It took me several years and a significant price decrease to finally go set and forget with these two. Everyone knows why Grundy is value but Gawn went at an average of 113 once given sole ruck duties this year. 

Nicholas ‘Loophole‘ Madden – A popular captain option last season and he can sit at my R3 for now. 

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Jackson Macrae – The Smith injury sealed it for me. Hard to see him hurting us at that price. 

Taylor Adams – Lots of ifs for Adams but he can be in the top handful of forward scorers and is a bargain based on this.

Zac Fisher – It’s sounding like this half back role at North could be happening. Previous players in that role include Aaron Hall, Jack Ziebell and Harry Sheezel…

Jack Billings – When he plays, he scores. A fresh start at the Dees could be just what he needs. 

Harley Reid – Doesn’t have to score huge, his job security is enough of a reason to pick him.

Orazio Fantasia – Pretty hard to ignore at his price, but the likelihood of him playing round 1 isn’t great. 

Billy Dowling, Brayden George – Just placeholders for the time being but both will be considered at points next year.

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