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Patreon Only | Trade Review |Billy Frampton

Impact on the new club: 

The Adelaide Football Club had two critical objectives for the trade window. Firstly, rejuvenate the age profile of the list and secondly shed excess salary of older players. The club achieved this, and the inclusion of Billy Frampton is a smart pick up. Frampton is an aggressive, big-bodied old school style key position forward. He’s equally as a capable as playing predominantly in the ruck as well as forward. 

What will the makeup of the Crows forward line look like in 2020? Darcy FogartyTex Walker and Tom Lynch are certainties to line up. While Tyson Stengle should h first chance to replace Eddie Betts. aveThe inclusion of Frampton (or Himmelberg) in addition to those three talls place the side to be too tall and slow. The lack of speed is a constant concern for the club and four talls starting inside the forward line won’t aid this. 

It’s not all doom and gloom for Billy, the Crows new coach Matthew Nicks is a big fan of him after spending multiple years working with him at Port Adelaide.

Impact on the old club:

The Port Adelaide Power key forwards in the best 22 are locked in. The club is desperate to keep getting games into Tom Marshall. While Charlie Dixon still has plenty to offer at 29 years old. Billy Frampton was nothing more than developing depth at the club behind these two. 

At times this season, the club chose to swing key defender and now-former teammate Dougal Howard forward instead of giving Billy chances at the elite level. 

Port Adelaide lost plenty in the tall stocks during the recent Trade Period with Ryder & Howard moving on alongside Frampton. Expect the POWER to address this at the draft.

Fantasy Summary: 

The critical variable that makes Billy Frampton fantasy-relevant will be around the structure of the forward line. He will not dislodge Reilly O’Brien from the primary ruck role. He also isn’t ahead of Tex Walker holding down the key forward roles. In time the club is hoping to unleash Darcy Fogarty into the midfield, but that’s still another few seasons away. Until then he’ll hold down a tall forward role too. 

However, Frampton is a robust contested pack mark, a skill the club lost when Mitch McGovern departed a few years ago. His skills are evident in the ruck and would make a handy relief ruck to O’Brien. Further to this, Billy can kick a goal as he finished 6th in the SANFL for goals scored. 

Frampton should be a dual position ruck/forward and will be priced cheaply enough to be a bench cover R3 candidate. Keep him as a preseason watchlist, with the potential to make the starting squad if he can crack the best 22.

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