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Patreon Only | Trade Review | Lewis Taylor

Impact on the new club: 

Had the Tom Papley trade to Carlton eventuated a more defined role in the Swans would be apparent. However, with the Blues and Swans failing to see eye to eye on a value the position in the side for Lewis Taylor is less clear. 

One thing is clear, and that is whatever role he plays (whether small forward or wing) he’ll add good ball use and speed on the outside of the contest.

Impact on the old club:

Before the 2019 season, Lewis Taylor was a staple in the Lions side. In his first five seasons at Brisbane, he missed just the three games. However last year he was surpassed by players such as Noah Answerth and Lincoln McCarthy.

For Brisbane, the departure of Taylor has a small impact on the depth of the squad. However, the Lions are well placed with Rhys Mathieson, Cedric Cox, Mitchell Hinge and Ely Smith are all looking to put themselves into the side.

Fantasy Summary: 

As a cash cow, he played 22 games and ended up winning the AFL’s rising star award. In 2014, he played every game averaged 65 in AFLFantasy and 63 in SuperCoach. 

After a strong debut season, Lewis Taylor has done very little to keep himself on fantasy coaches radars. His best season was back in 2017. That year his SuperCoach average was 79.6 and posted three tons. For AFLFantasy he averaged 77.7 and reached triple figures in two matches. 

Having forward eligibility over much of his career has meant that in drafts he still gets himself selected in squads. However, none of his averages at Brisbane have indicated he could become a regularly fielded option in drafts, let alone considered in salary cap formats.

The trade to Sydney will help the Swans with the addition of another crafty small inside 50. Lewy is also capable of playing higher up the ground across the wings.

From a fantasy perspective, I don’t forecast a dramatic spike in his output to make him relevant for the salary cap formats of the game.

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