#14 Most Relevant | Connor Rozee

For the past 18 months, Connor Rozee has continued to elevate his AFLFantasy & SuperCoach, scoring the premium levels. In 2024, can the new Port Adelaide Captain become part of the fantasy football elite?


Connor Rozee is among AFL’s most skilful players, celebrated for his precise ball handling, astute decision-making, and polished right-foot skills. Showcasing his durability and consistency, Rozee didn’t miss a match in 2023, further cementing his status among the elite midfielders in the league.

He hit personal highs with an average of 25.8 disposals, 4.7 tackles, and 3.8 clearances per game. While his role saw him spending less time in the attacking 50 than in previous seasons, his prowess in the forward line remained undeniable, netting 21 goals throughout the year.

Connor Rozee’s fantasy football statistics from the 2023 season reflect his standing as a top-tier midfielder in the AFL. In AFLFantasy, Rozee boasted an impressive average of 105.8 points per game, with 16 scores of 100 or more, including five scores over 120 and three surpassing 130, while maintaining consistency with only two scores dipping below 80 for the entire year. This remarkable performance positioned him 10th for total points and 16th for average points across all players.

The SuperCoach format further highlighted Rozee’s prowess, where he achieved an average of 107.5 points. Here, he tallied 14 ton-plus scores, with five exceeding 120 points, underscoring his ability to hit high scores, including standout performances of 140 and 141 points. Rozee’s reliability was evident, with his scoring only falling below 90 on two occasions and maintaining a season-low of 75. He ranks 14th for total points and 26th for average, making him the 19th-ranked midfielder.

Rozee’s form trajectory showcased significant improvement as the season progressed. In AFLFantasy, he closed the season with 13 of his last 14 games scoring over 100 points, highlighting his scoring acceleration with six scores over 110, three over 120, and two above 130. SuperCoach reflected a similar pattern of consistency and high performance. Rozee posted only one score under 90 in the last 19 games, illustrating a clear uplift in his scoring post-bye, with averages of 106.5 and 109.2, respectively.

This pattern wasn’t new; Rozee had shown a similar trend in the previous year, 2022, where his performance surged post-bye, averaging 101.5 in AFLFantasy/DreamTeam and 106.8 in SuperCoach over the final eleven games.

The last seven matches of that year saw him push even higher, with averages reaching 110 in AFLFantasy/DreamTeam and 112 in SuperCoach, confirming Rozee’s ability to escalate his game in the latter half of the season. This consistency and capacity for high scoring in crucial stages make Connor Rozee a valuable asset for fantasy coaches, promising a blend of reliability and explosive scoring potential.

Rozee’s multifaceted scoring ability makes him an exceptional talent that is difficult for opponents to contain and highly valuable for fantasy coaches. His versatility on the field allows him to accumulate points across various statistical categories, contributing significantly to his overall fantasy scores.

A standout example of Rozee’s diverse scoring capability was evident in Round 16 against Essendon, where he managed a 140+ score across formats with just 23 possessions. His impact was magnified by his all-around performance, which included nine marks, nine tackles, and three goals, showcasing his ability to score heavily without solely relying on disposals.

Similarly, in a Round 10 clash with Melbourne, Rozee demonstrated his capacity to dominate in different ways. Accumulating 31 possessions, he complemented his ball-winning prowess with five tackles and five marks, translating to a 121 score in AFLFantasy and an impressive 140 in SuperCoach.

These performances underscore Rozee’s dynamic role within Port Adelaide’s lineup, where his contributions extend beyond traditional midfield duties. His ability to score in “multiple columns” — through disposals, marks, tackles, and goals — underscores why Rozee is not just a challenge for his on-field opponents but also a coveted asset for fantasy football teams, offering a robust scoring profile that enhances team performance across multiple scoring categories.

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Connor Rozee’s scoring growth presents a multifaceted opportunity rooted in personal improvement, team dynamics, and strategic positioning within fantasy drafts. Despite a stellar season, Rozee only exceeded 30 possessions in two games, highlighting a tangible area for personal growth. Considering he had the lowest possession average among players who scored 100 or more in AFLFantasy, an increase in ball-winning could significantly boost his scoring potential.

Port Adelaide’s overall team strategy could also be pivotal in Rozee’s fantasy output. The team’s ranking at the lower end for disposals and marks per game suggests that even a minor shift towards a more possession-oriented game style could dynamically enhance Rozee’s scoring avenues, leveraging his skills in a system that prioritizes ball movement.

The challenge of being a tagged target emerged in two specific rounds last year, affecting Rozee’s scoring somewhat. However, with tags likely to be distributed between him and Zac Butters based on matchups, Rozee’s resilience and adaptability to overcome such defensive attention will be key. Furthermore, the potential increased midfield role for Ollie Wines could indirectly benefit Rozee, allowing him to exploit his capabilities as a second-touch player and capitalize on his elite skills away from his primary clearance duties.

The Round 13 bye week adds another layer of strategic consideration for fantasy coaches, echoing discussions around other Port Adelaide premiums like Caleb Serong and Zak Butters. Securing a premium player with a Round 13 bye offers structural advantages through the multi-bye rounds, making Rozee an attractive option for maintaining balance and competitiveness during these critical stages of the fantasy season.

The decision between Rozee and Butters often comes down to their relative cost and perceived scoring potential. With Butters being approximately $60,000 cheaper in AFLFantasy and Rozee around $30,000 less in SuperCoach, budget constraints might influence the choice for coaches looking for value. Ultimately, if coaches are confident in Rozee’s ability to elevate his average to 110 or above, starting him becomes a viable strategy backed by individual improvement, team play enhancements, and strategic draft positioning, promising a robust return on investment in the fantasy football arena.

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In fantasy football drafts, Connor Rozee’s versatility and high-scoring capability position him as a top pick, likely securing a spot as an M1-M2 in AFLFantasy and solidly an M2 in SuperCoach. Given his remarkable performances, especially in the latter half of the season, Rozee’s appeal is undeniable.

However, in SuperCoach, where the competition among midfielders is fierce, Rozee might still be available as a valuable M3 pick for those lucky enough due to the presence of other high-calibre players like Jack Steele, Touk Miller, Sam Walsh, Josh Kelly, and Tim Taranto, who, despite averaging lower than Rozee, also command early draft consideration.

This slight variance in draft position between formats underscores Rozee’s fantasy relevance and the strategic depth fantasy coaches must navigate when selecting their midfield lineup, balancing Rozee’s proven scoring prowess with the broader context of available midfield talent.


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