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Discover why Fremantle Dockers’ Caleb Serong is a must-consider pick for your AFLFantasy & SuperCoach lineups in 2023 as we delve into his scoring potential, growth areas, and strategic value ahead of the season. Learn how Serong’s leadership role, fixture advantages, and resilience against tags can elevate your fantasy football strategy, making him a pivotal selection for achieving bye-round balance and maximizing points.


Caleb Serong epitomizes the heart and soul of the Fremantle Dockers’ midfield with his relentless style of play and significant importance to the team. Known for his fierce competitiveness and exceptional ability to win contested possessions, Serong has quickly established himself as a cornerstone of the Dockers’ engine room.

His tenacity at stoppages and his knack for clearances allow Fremantle to transition from defence to attack efficiently, making him a critical player in shaping the game’s tempo and momentum. Beyond his physical attributes, Serong’s football IQ stands out, with his decision-making under pressure and skill execution contributing significantly to the team’s offensive strategies.

Despite his relatively young age, his leadership qualities inspire his teammates and exemplify the Dockers’ hard work and determination ethos. Serong’s role extends beyond mere ball-getting; he embodies the spirit and future direction of the Fremantle Dockers, making him an indispensable figure within the squad.

Serong’s statistical performance over the past season underscores his exceptional contribution to the Fremantle Dockers and his rising stature within the AFL. His remarkable ability to dominate at the coalface of the game saw him rank within the top 5 league-wide for several key midfield indicators: centre clearances, contested possessions, disposals, and stoppage clearances per game.

This highlights his prowess in winning the ball under pressure and his capacity to drive his team’s midfield dynamics, making him one of the most effective players in the league in these critical areas.

Moreover, Serong’s influence extended beyond his ball-winning abilities, as evidenced by his ranking within the top 10 for clearances, goal assists, and handballs. This reflects his broader impact on the Dockers’ play, showcasing his vision and ability to contribute to scoring opportunities for his teammates and his skill in distributing the ball effectively under pressure.

Serong’s statistical achievements from the season paint a picture of a player who is central to Fremantle’s midfield operations and instrumental in facilitating the team’s offensive strategies. His comprehensive impact across various facets of the game underscores his value to the Dockers and affirms his status as one of the premier midfielders in the competition.

Caleb Serong’s significant impact on the field for the Fremantle Dockers translated seamlessly into exceptional fantasy football scoring, making him a standout option in both AFLFantasy and SuperCoach formats.

In AFLFantasy, Serong’s impressive average of 108 points per game was bolstered by his consistency and high-scoring capabilities; he notched up 17 tons throughout the season, with six scores surpassing the 120-point mark. A testament to his reliability was his ability to maintain a scoring floor, never dropping below 80 points in any game. This remarkable consistency earned him a place among the elite, ranking 12th for total points scored and 13th for averages overall, highlighting his indispensable value to fantasy football coaches.

SuperCoach further underscored Serong’s fantasy prowess, where he averaged 111.2 points. His performance included 16 tons, with eight going above 120 points, showcasing his potential for high-scoring outputs. Serong’s scoring resilience was evident, with only a single instance falling below the 80-point threshold. His solid record placed him 17th for total points scored and averages across the league, marking him as a premium midfield option for SuperCoach players.

In his 2022 season, he started slowly as he had an interrupted preseason with a knee injury. Eventually, he succumbed to it and missed a few games. Despite this, Serong still elevated his game to some strong new levels. He ended the year ranked inside the top twenty of the league for stoppage clearances, handbells, contested possessions and clearances per game.

The breakout trends for Serong were visible over his entire AFL career, and in 2022, he started to take further steps towards what we have seen he’d become. In that year’s AFL fantasy/DreamTeam perspective, he scored seven, including 112, 113 & a season-high 126. In SuperCoach, he scored eight tons, four above 110, including 117, 119 & 127.

Following a breakout year that saw him ascend to the upper echelons of AFL midfielders, Caleb Serong is poised to elevate his game even further. His impressive performance last season, characterized by dominance in key statistical areas and significant fantasy football scoring, sets the stage for Serong to build on his achievements and continue his upward trajectory.

With a solid foundation of skills, including contested possession winning, clearance work, and impactful scoring, Serong has demonstrated the talent and work ethic necessary to enhance his contributions to the Fremantle Dockers. As he enters the next phase of his career, the anticipation around his potential to become one of the premier midfielders in the league is palpable. Serong’s readiness to take the next step in his game promises exciting prospects for his personal development. It signifies his growing importance to his team’s success and the broader AFL landscape.

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Caleb Serong enters the fantasy football conversation not just as a strong scorer but as a player with potential areas for growth that could elevate his game even further. His current scoring prowess is commendable, yet the potential for improvement in disposal efficiency, increased impact on the scoreboard, and an uptick in possessions or tackles suggests we’ve yet to see Serong’s ceiling. Additionally, natural progression and development, inherent to young talents in the AFL, promise to boost his fantasy output.

Serong can further emphasize his importance to your team using the Vice Captain loophole. The Dockers’ scheduling, with most games played on early weekends before the round 13 bye, is crucial for fantasy strategy. This allows coaches to capitalize on Serong’s ceiling scoring through the Vice Captain loophole in formats that permit it, offering a strategic advantage in maximizing points.

The round 13 bye itself holds structural significance for fantasy lineups. Fremantle’s positioning in the bye rounds means players from the club, including Serong, become strategically valuable. They provide continuity through the early bye rounds and the subsequent larger batch, helping maintain team performance during these critical periods of the fantasy season.

Despite being a potential target for opposition tags, as seen in round one last year against St Kilda, Serong’s scoring floor has remained solid even when faced with such challenges. Early fixtures may see him encounter tags again, yet his resilience and ability to still contribute value scores highlight his reliability as a fantasy option.

The return of Nat Fyfe to the midfield poses questions about its impact on Serong’s role. However, it’s anticipated that Serong, Hayden Young, and Andy Brayshaw will remain the Dockers’ primary midfield options. Fyfe’s integration will likely see him as a rotational player, suggesting a minimal impact on Serong’s scoring potential.

Interestingly, when Hayden Young transitioned into the midfield, Serong’s averages in AFLFantasy and SuperCoach showed no significant deviation from his year-round performance. This stability underscores Serong’s scoring resilience despite slight team role adjustments.

Given the strategic advantage of the Round 13 bye, fantasy coaches are evaluating the inclusion of Fremantle’s premium midfielders, including Serong, Andy Brayshaw, and Port Adelaide’s Zak Butters and Connor Rozee. Coaches are encouraged to assess and rank these players based on projected scoring and bye-round balance.

This analysis will help determine whether Serong fits as a starting squad member or an upgrade target during the season. His proven performance, captaincy consideration, and the structural benefits of Fremantle’s bye round position him as a compelling consideration for fantasy football teams, offering immediate impact and strategic flexibility.

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Caleb Serong’s emergence as a key player for the Fremantle Dockers and his fantasy football potential reflect his growing importance and impact in the AFL. His draft ranking as an M1 in AFLFantasy signifies his role as a premier midfield option, capable of delivering consistent, high-scoring performances. This status is a testament to his on-field contributions, particularly in contested possessions, clearances, and his ability to impact the scoreboard. For fantasy coaches strategizing their draft, Serong represents a robust choice to anchor their midfield, offering reliability and the potential for game-changing scores.

However, the depth of midfield talent in AFLFantasy means Serong might be considered an M2 for some teams, particularly if coaches prioritize securing other midfielders with their initial picks. This strategy could see Serong slide slightly in the draft order, not due to any shortfall in his capabilities but because of the midfield’s wealth of options and individual coaches’ tactical approaches.

In SuperCoach, where scoring can often accentuate the impact of midfielders who excel in contests and clearances, Serong is positioned as an M2. This ranking reflects his proven ability to rack up significant points and the competitive nature of midfield selections in SuperCoach drafts. The expectation that he would be gone by the third round indicates the coaches’ high regard for his scoring potential and his role at Fremantle. This also suggests that while Serong is highly valued, the sheer volume of midfield talent across the AFL means that some coaches might secure other options before turning to Serong, depending on their draft strategy and the specific scoring nuances of SuperCoach.


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