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Jack Steele stands out as a formidable presence in the AFL, renowned for his hard-nosed, relentless style of play that makes him a pivotal figure for his team. As a midfielder, Steele combines a unique blend of grit, endurance, and skill, making him one of the most impactful players in the league.

His ability to win contested possessions is second to none, and he excels in clearances, demonstrating both strength and tactical understanding. Steele is not just a ball-winner; he’s also adept at turning possession into scoring opportunities by setting up teammates or scoring himself. Defensively, he’s a tenacious tackler, often disrupting the opposition’s play with aggressive pressure.

His leadership on the field is evident, often inspiring his team through his actions and work rate. Steele’s overall impact is substantial; he influences the game on multiple fronts, making him an invaluable asset to his team and a challenge for opponents.

As a fantasy coach with Jack Steele in your team, the 2023 season was undoubtedly a frustrating experience. Steele, known for his robust and consistent performances, was plagued with multiple injury issues throughout the year, significantly impacting his form. He suffered a collarbone break early in the season, and while it was nothing short of miraculous that he only missed three weeks of play, this injury set the tone for a challenging year. Additionally, Steele battled a persistent knee complaint, further hindering his ability to perform at his usual high standards. His difficulties didn’t end there; he required an ankle clean-out during the offseason, indicating the extent of his physical challenges.

Despite these setbacks, Steele played 20 games, a testament to his resilience and commitment. However, the impact of his injuries was evident in his performances. He rarely looked like his usual dominant self on the field, with the injuries seemingly restricting his ability to influence games as profoundly as he typically would. For fantasy coaches, this meant grappling with the reality of having a key player in their lineup who could not contribute as expected, adding a layer of complexity and challenge to their fantasy football management.

Though marred by injuries, Jack Steele’s fantasy football season still featured impressive statistics highlighting his potential and resilience. In AFLFantasy, he achieved an average of 97.8, hitting the century mark in 10 games, with four of those scores exceeding 120, including notable peaks of 146 and 133. In SuperCoach, his average was slightly lower at 94.7, with seven tons, four of which were over 120, highlighted by exceptional scores of 160 and 140.

A notable aspect of Steele’s season was his strong finish; in the last eight games, he averaged 104 in both AFLFantasy and SuperCoach formats. This late-season surge showcased his ability to overcome earlier challenges and return to form, offering a glimpse of his true potential.

Additionally, there were four weeks mid-season where Steele truly shone, reminiscent of his peak form. During rounds 17 to 20, he averaged an impressive 125.5 in AFLFantasy and 128 in SuperCoach, underlining his capacity to deliver high scores when fit and in form.

While the AFL Finals series games do not count towards regular fantasy football statistics, Steele’s performance in St Kilda’s loss to GWS in the finals is worth mentioning. He scored 114 in AFLFantasy and 130 in SuperCoach, further evidencing his ability to perform well in critical matches.

Sadly, these averages across the formats are miles behind what he’d been delivering over recent seasons. In 2022, he averaged 110 in AFLFantasy and ranked as a top-five averaging player across the format. The year prior, he went at 121.3 and a monster seasonal average of 126 in SuperCoach and was the #2 ranked player by average across all game formats.

If you’re using historical data as your guide for fantasy football strategy, Jack Steele presents a potentially high-value option. When contrasting his price point with his previous season’s data, there’s an indication that you could gain anywhere from 10 to 20 points of added value per game. This gap between his current pricing and his demonstrated scoring ability in past seasons suggests that Steele is undervalued relative to his potential output.

Moreover, Steele’s ability to post high scores, as evidenced by his performance in the latter part of the season and critical games, positions him as a viable Vice-Captain (VC) or Captain (C) choice in fantasy leagues. The VC/C role in fantasy football is crucial as it can significantly amplify a team’s total score, and having a player like Steele, capable of delivering high scores, can be a strategic advantage.

If Steele returns to his peak form, his current pricing could represent a significant bargain for fantasy coaches, offering value and the opportunity to capitalize on his scoring potential. His history of strong performances, especially in key games, adds to his appeal as a top-choice midfielder who can consistently contribute significant points and serve as a reliable VC/C option, potentially boosting overall team performance in fantasy leagues.

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A key question to consider in evaluating Jack Steele’s fantasy football prospects is: Was his down year primarily due to him regaining confidence in his body following the shoulder injury, a shift in the team’s game style, or a combination of various factors? Understanding the root causes of his performance dip in 2023 is crucial.

If it was largely due to injury recovery, there’s a reasonable expectation that a fully fit Steele could return to his previous high-scoring form. However, if changes in the team’s game style played a significant role, it’s important to assess whether these changes will persist and how they might continue to impact his performance.

Your viewpoint significantly influences the decision to start him in your fantasy team. If Steele’s down year was an anomaly and he’s poised for a rebound, starting him could offer considerable value. Conversely, if systemic changes within the team or lingering effects of his injury might continue to hinder his performance, it may lead you to explore other options.

Ultimately, your interpretation of these factors will guide your strategy and help determine whether Steele fits your starting lineup for the upcoming fantasy football season.

The preseason is crucial for exploring all variables before finalizing your fantasy football team structure and player selection. Considering Jack Steele for your team is not just about assessing his capabilities but also understanding the midfield mix of St Kilda and their overall game style.

Steele has been a key figure in carrying the Saints’ midfield, but the dynamics within the team are evolving. Key questions include whether Steele still needs to dominate Centre Bounce Attendances (CBAs) with the presence of Liam Henry on the wing alongside Brad Hill and Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera potentially allowing Jack Sinclair to rotate between half-back, wing, and midfield.

Paddy Dow’s addition to the squad adds depth to the inside midfield, while Brad Crouch remains reliable. There’s also the emerging next-generation talent like Marcus WindhagerMitch Owens, and Mattaes Phillipou, along with the experienced duo of Seb Ross and Hunter Clark.

Despite the Saints being the leading disposal team last year, the increasing number of players vying for a share of the scoring pie makes Steele’s role crucial. If you believe Steele will maintain a high CBA rate and that his performance last year was limited by injury, then he could be a strong starter. Conversely, if you anticipate a more distributed midfield workload, there’s a rationale to fade him potentially.

In AFLFantasy, Steele is priced similarly to players like Touk Miller, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Josh Kelly, Zak Butters, and Sam Walsh, offering several options in this price range.

Structurally, Steele could be important, with St Kilda having a bye in Round 15 and playing through the early best 18 rounds. While he demonstrated the potential for high scores last year, relying on him as a captaincy option might be risky. However, considering him for a Vice-Captain (VC) role could be viable, especially if his games are scheduled early in the weekend.

In conclusion, seeing Steele return to being a 110+ midfielder wouldn’t be surprising. Yet, seeing him averaging around the low 100s is equally plausible. This uncertainty necessitates carefully evaluating his role within the evolving Saints midfield and how it aligns with your fantasy football strategy.

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Jack Steele’s Average Draft Position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts indicates that he is commonly selected as an M2, especially by coaches who are particularly keen on securing him for their teams. This ranking reflects Steele’s proven track record and the potential for high scoring that he brings to the midfield.

However, in the SuperCoach format, there’s a noticeable trend where Steele might easily drift into an M3 position, more so than many might initially anticipate. This shift can be attributed to various factors, including the evolving midfield dynamics at St Kilda, the presence of other attractive midfield options within a similar price range, and cautiousness among fantasy coaches due to Steele’s performance fluctuations last season.

His selection as an M3 could represent a strategic value pick for coaches, allowing them to balance their midfield with a mix of top-tier and high-potential players while potentially capitalizing on Steele’s upside if he returns to his peak form.


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