AAMI Community Series Player Watchlist

Footy is back! Tonight the AAMI Community Series gets underway. It’s our final chance to see players in a semi-competitive hitout before the round one lockout in a fortnight. So we asked members of the panel to list some players that are on their watchlist.


Jy Simpkin

Ready to take the next step going into his 5th year. I will be watching closely how often kangaroos use him. Obviously, he’ll attend every centre bounce.

Tom Green

It’s no secret that he is a gun midfielder in the making, but he may not reach his full potential in a stacked giants midfield brigade. I’ll be watching for how he fits in that midfield rotation.

James Harmes

We know what he’s been able to score playing a midfield role. He moved down last year back, but a projected move back to the midfield could see him underpriced to begin the year.


Will Brodie

What’s his role, and just as importantly, what’s his endurance like now, and can he run out four quarters in the mids?

Marc Murphy

Will slide in just about every draft but by all accounts is playing forward this year. Keen to see if that role change is apparent and how well he moves across the ground given recent struggles.

Rookie Watch

The cupboard is looking awfully sparse atm. Can any of these kids put their hand up for round one?

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Dyson Heppell

How does he look this week with a game under his belt.

Paddy Dow

Role and performance in a more meaningful matchup.

Darcy Cameron

Does he play a full game and split duties with Grundy as he did in the finals last year? Or will Grundy go back to being a sole ruck like normal to start 2021?


Jimmy Webster

What is his role? Is he best 22? Is he the Paton replacement?

Jack Higgins

Will he remain Fox’s 2021 boy?

Patrick Dangerfield

Full game? Pure mid? Hmmm?

North Melbourne

Watch the rookies. Do they look like they have a role? Is that role q replacement for someone missing?

Riley Collier-Dawkins

How quickly will he pass the former tiger as Fox’s boy?


Jack Higgins

Saints made a bid play for the effervescent Higgins, will we see the spark ignite into a flame, the kids been a Saints supporter since he was in nappies and think this could be a match made in heaven.

Alex Witherden

We all know he’s going to end up a great fantasy cog in the West Coast back half but is he going to be eased in or thrown into that role

Rylie Collier Dawkins

Over the past 2 years he’s been touted as a mixture of Dangerfield, Fyfe and Veszpremi, we’re finally going to see what he brings to the table, unfortunately was nursed last week under concussion protocol And Will Martyn do enough to get the Houli spot in Round 1.

Paddy Dow

Not even sure he’s the best Dow playing AFL footy atm. Wanting to see how he goes with an opponent or in a contested situation, not sold on the hype train but willing to watch another game