Breakevens | Round 8

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into a new round.

For SuperCoach and DreamTeam we only include players who are on the price bubble and have played more than one game.

 I. Rankine FWD$195,900106.5-97
 S. Simpson MID$185,70095-80
 W. DayDEF$193,70077-39
 D. Eggmolesse-Smith DEF$246,90092-37
 A. McPhersonDEF$158,20064-34
 S. Mayes MID$213,500115-27
 M. Georgiades FWD$130,80078-24
 B. McKay DEF$149,20086-24
 J. NelsonDEF$334,00074.6-18
 L. ButlerDEF/MID$141,90051-18
 M. Pickett MID$256,50070-17
 D. Minchington FWD$117,30062-14
 D. Cameron RUC/FWD$147,70050.5-13
 M. Hibberd MID$176,20052.3-13
 T. Xerri RUC/FWD$144,80048-10
 H. Bennell MID$193,30061-9
 S. Philp MID$140,90045.5-7
 K. Farrell FWD$305,00072.2-5
 C. Weightman FWD$144,30063-4
 T. Nankervis RUC$449,30099-3
 H. Jones MID$123,90054-3
 G. Logue DEF$357,40070.2-3
 A. Bosenavulagi FWD$139,50043-3
 D. Zaharakis MID$343,30061.7-2
 R. Stoddart DEF$138,70042-2
 T. Jonas DEF$405,30076.7-1
 J. Jones FWD$161,60048.5-1
S. SimpsonMID$305,00082-30
I. RankineFWD$266,00069-27
L. ButlerDEF/MID$229,00050-12
W. DayDEF$316,00065-9
J. BranderDEF/FWD$354,00055-6
D. CameronRUC/FWD$225,00045-6
R. StoddartDEF$238,00048-6
A. McPhersonDEF$222,00045-4
J. McInerneyMID$282,00044-4
M. Georgiades FWD$258,00060-2
S. McAdamFWD$270,00042-1
S. SimpsonMID$251,70082-76
I. RankineFWD$232,30069-56
W. Day DEF$253,20065-41
L. ButlerDEF/MID$199,90051-31
D. Eggmolesse-Smith DEF$303,30065-23
R. StoddartDEF$202,10048-24
J. JonesFWD$228,40051-21
D. CameronRUC/FWD$200,20045-20
A. McPhersonDEF$198,40045-20
M. Georgiades FWD$167,20060-20
M. HibberdMID$235,70043-17
D. MiinchingtonFWD$152,20052-17
D. StephensMID$272,00055-15
T. JonasDEF$425,80048-10
A. BosenavulagiFWD$188,30038-10
K. FarrellFWD$394,50057-9
T. DoedeeDEF$478,70064-6
D. GrimesDEF$389,90048-5
J. MorrisFWD$173,90033-5
M. FredrickFWD$152,20040-5
C. WeightmanFWD$182,20046-3
J. NelsonDEF$441,20060-2
R. GardnerFWD$190,10035-2
J. CaldwellMID$379,80063-1