Koel Kings: Round 14

Welcome to another Koel Kings we can talk weekly captaincy options. The difference with this year’s captaincy advice is we won’t be telling you who is the best captain selections overall or even ranking them, but instead explaining who our previous Nobel Koel winners will be selecting in their teams and why.

Bakas: Running with the ruck duo. VC – Gawn against Darcy appears to be a no brainer. C – Grundy the back up even with an injury cloud

Russ: Neale will bounce back and come out guns blazing…130+ C: Grundy will own English..140+

Troy: VC: Going with Gawn who has the early Saturday game. C: Grundy meets a young Tim English and should score well if he’s fit.

Bakas: VC – Gawn again keep in mind he’s had a week off C – Macrae bounced back to form last weekend so hoping he continues that

Russ: VC: Neale, here again, will enjoy gathering possessions left right and centre .125+ C: Dunkley will just rack it up with no tag.. 130+

Troy: VC: Passing on Thursday’s game and going with Lloyd Friday night. C: Macrae scored 140 last week, let’s see if he can back it up.