Round 3 Positional Changes

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in season.

In total 12 players have received an additional position. Four players have been awarded back status, two players for the centre and a huge six players are now also eligible as a forward including one of the biggest names in fantasy footy history.

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Matt Guelfi (CENTRE) add BACK

An obvious move to becoming part of the Essendon backline was highlighted last week for Matt Guelfi with him having five rebound 50’s. Even with the eligibility of back status, he’s probably not someone you’ll be picking up. A 3 games average of 45 is something you don’t want to be associated with your team.

Shaun Atley (FORWARD) add BACK

Chances are Shaun Atley may be sitting in your leagues Waiver Wire. Key reason being, last year Atley was often used to create forward pressure for long stints of 2018. This year, it seems that Brad Scott has released him back to his role to develop and run from the Kangaroos defensive 50. A current average in the mid-’70s might be enough to tempt coaches into selecting him, especially off the back of last weeks 111. For what it’s worth though, after almost 170 games that was his first ton in UltimateFooty.

Josh Battle (FORWARD) add BACK

Josh Battle has had a drastic role change from that of previous seasons, and the gaining of back status was a pure formality here. In deep draft leagues and depending on what scoring categories you use he could be a viable waiver wire selection. A three round average of 61 still isn’t something horrible, but you’ll be struggling to find that worth taking a squad space spot.

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Adam Cerra (FORWARD) add BACK

Of all the defensive line gains we’ve been given Adam Cerra is probably the most relevant for coaches. After a quiet opening fortnight, Cerra delivered his first ton for the year (102) off the back of 23 disposals, seven marks and five tackles. Still not sure he’s consistent enough to place as an on-field option, but the defensive gain gives you some further backline depth and squad versatility.

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Travis Boak (FORWARD) add CENTRE

The #1 scoring forward right now in the competition has been a revelation for drafters that would’ve got him in the middle portions of the draft and now getting fantastic value. The reason being, he’s been released to play exclusively as a midfielder, and even with the return last week of Ollie Wines his midfield time wasn’t majorly impacted. Great news for owners as he looks set to be one of the best forwards in 2019.

The inclusion of centre status while it does almost nothing in terms of his relevance, it does give coaches some added flexibility if they are deep for options in the forward line and light on in the middle of the ground.

Wil Powell (FORWARD) add CENTRE

A surprise ton started the season for this Gold Coast Sun, but every week we’ve seen his fantasy numbers slide. The addition of the midfield is the correct call from UltimateFooty given his role has been in the centre of the ground. Wil Powell’s relevance is as a draft-eligible option rather than the centre, but as we’ve spoken about with others, this will add to your squad’s versatility. Just quietly, he’s not the worse pick up for a keeper league; the kids got some game about him.

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Aaron Naughton (BACK) add FORWARD

Aaron Naughton is now looking stable in the new look forward line for the Western Bulldogs. While I’d rather him play as an intercepting defender, he does seem right up forward. He’s clean in the marking contest and over time will only get better in this part of the ground. For keeper leagues, and those with customised scoring categories he’s certainly someone to consider if he’s available in your waiver wire.

Oscar Allen (BACK) add FORWARD

Similar to Naughton above, where depending on the scoring categories, squad sizes and number of coaches the Big O could well be worth a waiver wire pick up if he’s available. The eagles have a beauty in Oscar Allen and for keeper leagues he could be a fantastic option to stash away for the future, but right now he’s not someone you’ll be wanting on the field.

Ed Curnow (CENTRE) add FORWARD

This is one of the significant gains for coaches. With Ed Curnow gaining a move forward over the past three games we have seen a more substantial variation in his scoring and coaches only need to look at his two scores of 113, 46 and 94 from this year so far to see. That said, he moves from being your last midfielder on the ground to now being one of your top 3 forwards on the field. Depending on the depth coaches currently have in either the forward or centre lines this could be a gain of 10+ points on the ground and benefit coaches tremendously.

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Michael Gibbons (CENTRE) add FORWARD

Not fantasy relevant at all! Since making his debut in the JLT Community series and again over the opening rounds of football Michael Gibbons has slipped seamlessly into the void in Carlton’s forward line created by the retirement of Matt Wright. If injuries strike the Carlton midfield, he’d be worth a quick pick up off your waiver wire, given his strong VFL scoring history, but unless that happens, he’s not worth a spot in your side.

Patrick Ryder (RUCK) add FORWARD

With the recruitment of Scott Lycett and the injury to Charlie Dixon we’ve seen Port Adelaide use Patrick Ryder as a first choice forward this year and as such has picked up forward eligibility. Like others on this list, it doesn’t add to the scoring potential on your ground but does give you some extra flexibility within your squad.

Gary Ablett (CENTRE) add FORWARD

I’m excited to see this inclusion here as historically UltimateFooty have waited until the second round of positional changes before having a big name or substantial change. Gary Ablett all preseason had been spoken about spending more time forward and through the JLT Community Series, and now in the opening rounds, we’ve seen this role take shape.

A three week average of 81 and just one score over 90 is a reasonably drastic scoring drop from the little master and would almost be getting to the point where owners may have been considering benching him despite the name. However, now as a forward, he instantly comes onto the ground for coaches and could be as high as their 3rd best averaging forward option.

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Need More Games To Gain

If North Melbourne’s recruit Tom Campbell continues on his current trend, we expect that he’ll be awarded Forward status after round six. At this stage, Tom’s played just the two games, so more data is required. The same would be for new Sydney Swan Jackson Thurlow who should gain back status once he plays enough games after him only debuting for his side last weekend.

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Maybe Next Time

I thought Brad Ebert had done enough to gain Forward status, but as yet it’s not the case. If his role maintains he must earn it after round six, otherwise it’ll be a massive oversight. The move of him forward will be much appreciated for owners if this eventuates, because he’s currently averaging near 100 it seems UF has not given us everything we could’ve asked for just yet. Bayley Fritsch owners would’ve also been banking on him becoming a Back eligible player but appear to have not met enough of the criteria for Ultimate Footy to awarded it. Like Ebert, if he maintains a consistent defensive role over the following three games he’s a must gain of back status.

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