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#47 Most Relevant | Zac Fisher

The players you pick and the structure you settle on with the forward line loom as one of the big decisions of the 2024 preseason. New Kangaroo Zac Fisher might hold the key that unlocks a successful start to the season. Here’s next up in our 50 most relevant.

UltimateFooty | Free Agency Pick Ups | Round 23

It’s Grand Final week! Hopefully you are in the big dance, on the verge of the ultimate glory. To celebrate, this week’s article is a bumper Grand Final special edition! I’ve picked one player from each game this round that could potentially give you the boost you need to snag the flag. As usual, the player needs to be in less than 70% of teams but something different for this week is the addition of the 3 game average. Good luck, and thanks for a great 2021!