UltimateFooty | Possible DPP Additions | Round Fifteen

After rounds 3, 6, 12 & 15, the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in the season. As always, players are required to have played a minimum of 3 games to be eligible and to be playing the new position as their primary role in the side. So, for the final time this season, let’s look at who they are and their relevance to your draft sides and leagues.

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Elliot Yeo | ADD BACK

It’s been a tough few seasons if you’ve owned Elliot Yeo. Injuries have sadly got the best of him. However, in the limited games that he has played, he’s been deployed into the backline as an interceptor. The role isn’t unfamiliar to him as it’s where he played when he first got traded to the Eagles. Adding back status is a huge boost to his owners potential scoring. In the past two weeks, he’s scored 84 & 80. As a centre only, that’s just in contention to be on the field. Now, he’s an absolute lock to play on the ground as a defender. 

Harry Himmelberg | ADD BACK

Some positional moves come out of the blue and pay massive dividends for coaches every year. In 2022 the move down back Harry Himmerlberg is in contention for that mantle. He was drafted in just 18% of teams with an ADP of 293. However, since the move, he’s been an animal playing the intercepting and key position defensive role. To his credit, he’s looked very good there, and his scoring has taken a considerable bump. After having just one score over 70 between rounds 1-9, he’s scored a 74, 101, 161, 99 & 117 in this new role. Even the return of Nick Haynes and Phil Davis has done little to move him from the role. 

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Jayden Short | ADD CENTRE

Normally when a player gets some heavy midfield time, we see a spike in scoring. Sadly for Jayden Short owners, that hasn’t been the case. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still been very good, but he hasn’t entered the uber scoring that owners might have been hoping for with the role shift. Since round six, Short has been attending an average of 52% of centre bounces for the Tigers. An obvious and easy addition for the gang at UF!

Tom Atkins | ADD CENTRE

The role change of Tom Atkins has been sudden and obvious at Geelong over the past five matches. Over this stretch of games, he’s attended 29%, 73%, 73%, 83% & 77% of centre bounces for the Cats. Tom’s hard at it contested nature has thrived as a centre bounce midfielder, and his scoring has increased as a direct result. The addition of centre status might not help you on field centre line scoring, but if he holds this role, he will be selected on the field in your backline given the good scores. 

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Bailey Williams | ADD CENTRE

What a surprise, but Luke Beveridge has given a player a role change! All jokes aside, Bailey Williams has taken his opportunity on the wing. With the absence recent absence of Lachie Hunter, he has owned the wing for the past few months. His true value to his owners is he can be played as a backman. However, squad versatility is always helpful, and so like Atkins above, it’s just adding versatility to your team

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Jeremy Finlayson | ADD RUCK

Since round 11, Jeremy Finlayson has been the primary ruckman for the pear and had multiple games where he’s attended north of 70% centre bounces. He’s delivered a couple of scores in the high 70s in this role and has been a handy player pool pick-up. Just be aware that first choice ruckmen Scott Lycett is due to return shortly.

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Wayne Milera | ADD FWD

It’s been a tough run over the past few seasons for Wayne Milera, but he seems to have finally gotten confidence and strength back into his body. Since getting back into Crows side over the past month, he’s been deployed as a half-forward. I like this role and the use of his skill set. With Jordan Dawson and Brodie Smith playing the primary ball users across half-back and Jake Soligo and Jackson Hately holding down the wings, it’s as a forward the greatest opportunity for his skills can shine. So much has been made about Adelaide’s poor inside 50 entries over the past few years; by having Wayne as a half-forward, we should see this increase in better entries. 

Lachlan Jones | ADD FWD

Port Adelaide fans have been calling for Lachie Jones to get a strong run at the AFL level for a while. The pear has found the best place to give him this opportunity has been to use him as a forward. His trademark physicality has been on display, and while he’s not scoring massively, it is a DPP gain that’s warranted. 

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