UltimateFooty: Round 6 Positional Changes

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in season. As always players are required to have played a minimum of 3 games to be eligible and to be playing the new position as their primary role in the side.

In total 11 players have gained an additional position, three players have gained back status, five gaining centre, while three have picked up forward status. Let’s look at who they are and the relevance to your draft sides and leagues.

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Bayley Fritsch (ME – C) add BACK

He’s spent a majority of his games being a vital user of the ball down back and setting up the demons defensive fifty rebounds. Depending on the depth of coaches and squad sizes, he could play a role in your team.

Sydney Stack (RI – C) add BACK

Injuries create opportunites and Sydney Stack has certainly taken his opportunity over the past few weeks brining XFactor, physicality and poise to the Tigers backline. A no brainer here from UltimateFooty. An average of 64 this year isn’t enough to have him on the ground, but with two score over 75 this year he does show some scoring potential Certainly worth stashing on your bench if he’s availble.

Jackson Thurlow (SY – C) add BACK

Recruited by the club to add to the halfback stocks. An average of 69.8 is not worth placing on your roster as a centre only. However, as a defender, depending on the depth of leagues and squads he’s worth picking up.

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Ben Ainsworth (GC – F) add CENTRE

Long term this kid could well be a standout fantasy footballer. Although the scores aren’t there for him yet in 2019, however, if you cast your mind back to 2018 he went on a six-week stretch averaging 82. He’s getting his chances in the Suns midfield now he just needs to translate that into scores.

Jack Billings (SK – F) add CENTRE

Having a career-best season averaging 29 disposals playing primarily as the wingman in the Saints line up. Like all players who gain the centre status as an addition it’s not for increased scoring relevance, but rather squad versatility.

Lets hope as the season goes on he spends enough time in the forward line that he’s not to lost to us from that position in 2020.

Matt De Boer (GWS – F) add CENTRE

Has moved from a pressure forward to becoming one of the games best midfield taggers. His fantasy relevance comes in two forms. Firstly, as a forward, this newly gained centre status will just add flexibility to your team. The second is that he will more than likely shut down the fantasy scores of his opponent every single week. Let’s just hope for your sake its none of your midfield premiums.

Zak Jones (SY – B) add CENTRE

Having a career best year so far in terms of his scoring (averaging 96) and that’s due to a role change which is seeing him be released almost exclusively as a midfield in 2019. Before this year his best average came in 2017 with 79. With an Average Draft Position (ADP) of 219 is proving all kinds of value for owners.

Lachie Whitfield (GWS – B) add CENTRE

Prior to last weekends corkie, he was one of the best scorers in UltimateFooty. In 2019, Lachie’s been starting off half forward and then moving into the midfield and using his sublime skills to tear oppositions apart week in week out. The addition of the centre status was one of the simplest for UF. Enjoy him if you drafted him this year with back status, he’s certain to not have it in 2020.

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Jayden Hunt (ME – B) add FORWARD

Has changed his game drastically from being a dashing runner off half back to becoming a pressure forward who impacts the scoreboard. A seasonal average of 55 and a most recent score of 24 doesn’t scream ‘pick me’ though.

Brad Ebert (PA – C) add FORWARD

This is the biggest gain for drafters of the bunch. Brad Ebert has transformed himself into a damaging player inside Port’s forward fifty after years being a vital cog in the Powers engine room. With just one score under 95 all season and an average of 100 he likely becomes his owners new top-ranked forward. His ADP was 120, so the owner had a bargain even before this, now it looks like one of the masterstrokes of the draft day!

Jeremy Finlayson (GWS – B) add FORWARD

Last year he averaged 57 from just 14 games as an athletic defender. His combination of closing speed and booming left foot made him a strong defensive weapon especially early in the year. However, with key forward, Jon Patton out injury and Rory Lobb traded the Giants required another tall forward target and at 196cm Jeremy Finlayson met the need perfectly.

Every week he’s getting better in his new role, looking more at home and has increased his UF average up to 70 for the year. It’s even slightly higher in the previous five games where he’s going at an average of 75. Certainly worth considering as a squad option if still available, and against the right opponent maybe even someone to stream on the field.

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