Preseason 2020, Salary Cap Strategy

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Not long to go now as I safely sip on my last remaining Carona Extra 355ml stubbie, here goes.

Fox has revealed what his SuperCoach will look like for round one


Going Laird over Lloyd as I feel Rory may be unders in 2020 and Lloyd will be my first defence upgrade, hopefully, get him a little cheaper and TBH just can’t afford both. The backline falls away quickly after Doch, but I feel there’s considerable cash to be made on this line, and certainly opens up my salary cap to spread across other lines.
Apologies to Houston and Weller who are still in and around my thought process’.


A 4 Premo midfield with Jack Stevens as the mid pricer. Would love to start 5 premo mids but happy to fit the 6 cab making rooks along this line, and needed a bit extra for Big Max.
Feels a little strange going into a season without Fyfe and Danger but feel the combination of my boy Lachie Neale, Macrae and Cripps can deliver big, especially adding my value pick in Coniglio. Will give Tom Mitchell a miss in this format. Clarrie Oliver will likely be my first mid upgrade.


After much prayer I’ve decided to go the Gawn-Grundy combo, can I get an Amen? Set and forget in Super Coach feels right, an extra two mids pretty much and no tossing and turning with sleepless nights. Timmy English was very highly considered here, but the cash was finally found for the 2 big dogs. Comden appears the reasonable loop


Whitfield’s ceiling picks himself, the dynamic duo of Dusty/Tommy Lynch with a plethora of early MCG games and this forward line is looking pretty good, add the midfield services of Andy Brayshaw and Devon Smith and we’re getting to Wowee Boyoboy proportions.
Biggest unique is Tommy Lynch who is priced at 72, went at 99 in 2019 after the bye including finals, and at 7% ownership is an easy pick

Cash: 108k in the bank could be handy early

Rooks: Rooks at this stage are just pencilled in

What Do you think of Fox’s Team?

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