2021 Fantasy Football Predictions | Forwards

We are now just hours away from the first bounce of the 2021 Fantasy football season. Every year the panel sit down and share their predictions for the season. Today they share their big calls on the forwards. Do you agree or disagree with them?

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids | Patrick Dangerfield

MJ | Patrick Dangerfield. Midfield Danger is back. As good as Dunkley will be, I don’t think even he can catch my tip for the 2021 Brownlow Medal.

Jimmy | Tom Phillips

Fox | Impossible to see any clear winner unfortunately but like others on the panel think Tom Phillips is exceptional value

Tim | Patrick Dangerfield

Ben | Patrick Dangerfield

Lewy | Patrick Dangerfield

Rainian | I think it is Dunkleys time to shine. He seems to have found a fantasy friendly role split between run with/genuine mid and high half forward that the dogs will use him a lot. Has a point to prove after last year and will do that in spades

The Midprice player that fires

Rids | Jeremy Cameron

MJ | Jordan DeGoey. Will flourish as the Pies get the perfect split of midfield and forward time.

Jimmy | Will Brodie

Fox | Snagger Higgins, Flying Ryan and Will Brodie to all break out but have Snagger slightly ahead

Tim | Tom Phillips

Ben | Jack Ziebell

Lewy | Jordan DeGoey

Rainman | Zac Fisher will get enough opportunity in the Blues rotations to significantly up his average to early 90s and finish in the top 10 forwards

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids | Jye Caldwell

MJ | Jaidyn Stephenson. He’ll be fine, but I think he’s going to be in midprice purgatory. He’ll score enough to warrant not trading him, but not enough to be happy about it.

Jimmy | Jack Ziebell

Fox | Buddy Franklin + Jaidyn Stephenson

Tim | Paddy Dow

Ben | Jye Caldwell

Lewy | Isaac Heeney

Rainman | Will average where he is priced. A lot of points to go around that Cats team and they have built a very selfless culture on that forward half, I think Cameron will take a while to settle in to that and will want to prove a point post last year’s performance, which may make him to focussed on his performance rather than bringing others into the game to his detriment

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids | Chad Warner

MJ | James Rowe. Crafty small forward who will play every game

Jimmy | Braeden Campbell

Fox | Chad Warner

Tim | Chad Warner

Ben | Chad Warner

Lewy | Chad Warner

Rainman | Brayden Campbell, the smooth moving swan will play a critical role on the swans distribution and will see plenty of the pill.

My 2021 Big Call Is…

Rids | Tom Phillips to average more than Dunkley in DT and AF

MJ | Joe Daniher gets through the season injury free and averages over 90 in SuperCoach

Jimmy | Langford, Wright & Caldwell all average over 80 across the formats

Fox | Heeney to actually play more games than he misses but unfortunately not where we all want him to play his footy

Tim | Jordan DeGoey to be a top 6 forward

Ben | Pete Ladhams is one Lycett injury away from challenging the top forward group

Lewy | Kyle Langford a top 6 forward

Rainman | Dayne Zorko to lose any fantasy relevance he had left as he plays a permanent fixture on the lions forward 50 and doesn’t finish in the top 20 forwards