2021 Fantasy Football Predictions | Rucks

Tomorrow it begins—the first bounce of the 2021 Fantasy football season. Every year the panel sit down and share their predictions for the season. Today they share their big calls on the Rucks. Do you agree or disagree with them?

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids | Max Gawn

MJ | Max Gawn

Jimmy | Max Gawn

Fox | Max Gawn

Tim | Grundy if he plays solo again (eg no Darcy Cameron); Max Gawn if he doesn’t

Ben | Max Gawn

Lewy | Max Gawn

Rainman | Big Max will dominate again this year, particularly in SuperCoach, he will have a period where he averages over 150 for a 5 week period.

The Midprice player that fires

Rids | Ben McEvoy

MJ | Jarrod Witts

Jimmy | Oscar McInerney

Fox | Toby Nankervis

Tim | Braydon Preuss (whenever he does play)

Ben | Ben McEvoy

Lewy | Oscar McInerney

Rainman | Big Boy McEvoy to wrestle back the number 1 ruck mantle and in SuperCoach will average over 100

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids | Toby Nankervis

MJ | Sam Draper

Jimmy | Tom Hickey

Fox | Any Geelong or Sydney ruck

Tim | Ben McEvoy (same old DEF/RUC split)

Ben | Tom Hickey

Lewy | Sam Draper

Rainman | Tom Hickey… His glory days are behind him and he will be found out being too 1 dimensional and Swans will push back to Sinclair in the ruck being chopped out by McCartin

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids | Lloyd Meek

MJ | Matt Flynn

Jimmy | Lloyd Meek

Fox | Lloyd Meek

Tim | Matt Flynn

Ben | Lloyd Meek

Lewy | Matt Flynn

Rainman | Flynn is the easy and right answer. The role is his to lose at the Giants and he will score well enough to make us a ton of cash to hopefully allow a Grundy to fall

My 2021 Big Call Is…

Rids | Max Gawn to average 20 pts more than 2nd across all formats in 2021

MJ | Reilly O’Brien to overtake Brodie Grundy as the second best fantasy ruck behind Max Gawn.

Jimmy | Stef Martin’s reinvention gives coaches of opposition rucks a serious headache all season

Fox | Tim English to get Forward dpp in 2022

Tim | Geelong to give up all pretence and not bother selecting a ruckman

Ben | Starting a rookie ruck on field makes the most sense across all the lines.

Lewy | ROB isn’t a top 3 ruck. Not sure I believe Adelaide can control the ball enough for his scoring to maintain or improve. His Last 5 120+ averaging form coincided with Adelaide being competitive. They won’t be competitive enough this year.

Rainman | Todd Goldstein’s form will deteriorate to the point that Tristian Xerri becomes the main ruck at North before the year is out.