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Embark on a journey to discover Jeremy Sharp’s hidden fantasy football potential as he gears up for a promising season with Fremantle. This article delves into Sharp’s unique skill set and the strategic advantages he brings, spotlighting why he could be the secret weapon in your fantasy lineup.


Jeremy Sharp is a versatile outside midfielder known for his significant upside, characterized by his astute decision-making and penetrating kicking ability. Athletically proficient, he possesses both speed and endurance, enhancing his effectiveness on the field. His versatility is a key asset, enabling him to adeptly play in various positions, including on both wings and in half-forward and half-back roles, making him a valuable and adaptable player in any team setup.

He has spent the past four seasons with the Gold Coast Suns, playing 23 AFL-level games in his first three years. However, he faced challenges in making the team last year, which limited his opportunities to showcase his skills at the highest level. Despite this setback, Sharp’s potential remains an interesting aspect for fantasy coaches to consider, especially given his past performances and a move back home to his native Western Australia as he now lines up for the Fremantle Dockers.

Sharp’s best year from a fantasy perspective was in 2021. In AFLFantasy, he averaged 71, while in SuperCoach, his average was 65.4. However, these numbers don’t tell the full story. In that season, Sharp came on as a substitute late in the last quarter in one of the games. If we exclude this game, his averages increase significantly to 79 in AFLFantasy and 73 in SuperCoach, highlighting his potential when given adequate game time.

Sharp’s ability to deliver high-scoring fantasy performances was evident in several games. Notably:

  • In Round 15, he had 20 possessions and 8 marks, scoring 79 in AFLFantasy and 76 in SuperCoach.
  • His standout performance came in Round 18, where he amassed 30 possessions and 10 marks, leading to a career-high 123 in AFLFantasy and his only SuperCoach ton of 115.
  • In Round 19, he garnered 31 possessions, 9 marks, and a goal, resulting in 112 in AFLFantasy and 96 in SuperCoach.
  • Lastly, in Round 21, he recorded 19 possessions and 9 marks, scoring 88 in AFLFantasy and 71 in SuperCoach.

These performances demonstrate Sharp’s capacity for high-scoring games and his ability to impact matches significantly. For fantasy managers, these instances of high scoring are crucial in assessing Sharp’s potential value, especially if he secures a more consistent role in the Gold Coast Suns lineup. His ability to ‘pop’ in certain games, combined with the upward adjustment of his averages when excluding outlier performances, suggests that Sharp possesses an intriguing upside for fantasy football

Sharp had a significant year playing in the VFL, participating in 19 games. During this time, he averaged an impressive 21.3 disposals per game and played a crucial role in leading the Gold Coast Suns to their historic first premiership in the competition. Furthermore, Sharp’s performance was marked by multiple high-scoring games across all fantasy football formats, underlining his potential as a valuable player in fantasy leagues.

Sharp has moved to the Fremantle Dockers in a notable development this offseason. This transfer presents an exciting opportunity for him. If Sharp manages to break into Fremantle’s AFL lineup, he is poised to become not just a popular starting selection for fantasy teams looking for a cash cow, but also a player known for his capability of scoring well at this level.

His pedigree and track record in the AFL and VFL levels, combined with his potential role at Fremantle, make him a player to watch closely in the upcoming season.

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Jeremy Sharp’s transition to Fremantle as a delisted free agent highlights an increasingly common and successful pathway for players seeking new opportunities in the AFL. Fremantle had been interested in Sharp for multiple years. Still, trade negotiations were complicated due to the higher priorities and the difficulty of trading a player who wasn’t getting regular AFL game time. Despite Gold Coast wanting to retain him, Jeremy had already decided to head to WA. Becoming a delisted free agent became the most straightforward solution for all parties involved.

The success of this pathway is evident in the AFL, with several players thriving at new clubs after being delisted. Notable examples include Mitch Hinge and Ben Keays at Adelaide and Liam Stocker at St Kilda. Their success underscores that a player becoming a delisted free agent often says more about the club they’ve left than the one they’re joining.

Sharp has quickly made a strong impression at Fremantle, particularly in pre-season training. He faces competition for the wing role from experienced wingman James Aish, outside midfielder Nathan O’Driscoll, and potentially Heath Chapman, who has been internally flagged as a wing option. However, Sharp has been leading the pack, excelling in the club’s running and time trials.

Under coach Justin Longmuir, the wing role at Fremantle has been conducive to high fantasy scoring. This was seen with Blake Acres before his move to Carlton and, more recently, with Liam Henry. Last year, Henry, playing in this role, averaged over 80 in both major fantasy formats and notched up multiple tons.

Should Sharp secure this coveted wing position at Fremantle, these precedents suggest he could enjoy similar fantasy success. His early dominance in pre-season training is a promising sign that he could be a valuable asset in fantasy football, offering scoring potential and a fresh start at his new club.

As the AFL pre-season continues, there’s growing optimism surrounding Jeremy Sharp’s prospects at Fremantle, with keen observers of the Dockers’ training sessions indicating that he may have already secured a wing spot. While it’s still early and best-22 decisions are yet to be finalized, the current sentiment is positive about Sharp’s inclusion in the starting lineup.

The Dockers’ fixture this season is particularly favourable for Sharp, both in terms of the opponents and the locations of the games. Notably, they face North Melbourne and West Coast in the opening six rounds, teams that were among the easiest to score against in 2023.

Additionally, match-ups against Adelaide, Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, and Richmond in the first three months present positive opportunities, especially for wing players. The venue lineup is also advantageous, with four home games at Optus Stadium in the first seven weeks and multiple games at Marvel Stadium, known for its roofed environment.

Why does this matter? Simply put, these factors align perfectly with Sharp’s style of play. Both at AFL and VFL levels, Sharp has demonstrated that high tallies of uncontested possessions and marks often translate to strong fantasy scores. The spacious wings at these stadiums, combined with the style of play of these particular opponents, create ideal conditions for outside players like Sharp to maximize their scoring potential.

The bonus is that the Dockers can play throughout the early bye-rounds. If Sharp hits a high score during these rounds, it could offset lower scores from other mid-priced or premium players or compensate for scores impacted by player injuries. This aspect makes Sharp an even more attractive fantasy option early in the season.

The rationale for choosing Jeremy Sharp in the 50 most relevant over other potential cash cows in this price range is clear. Unlike many other options in this range, Sharp has proven performances at the elite level, not just hypothetical potential.

His track record of strong scoring in the VFL and glimpses of high-level performance in the AFL gives him a distinct advantage over other players priced similarly. For fantasy managers seeking value and reliability, Sharp presents as a compelling choice, offering proven capability and a favourable context for fantasy success in the upcoming season.

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In drafting Jeremy Sharp, my perspective places him firmly in the category of a waiver wire pick or relevant in the later stages, depending on the depth of your league. Sharp’s potential value lies in his ability to be a handy option through the early multi-bye rounds when he’s expected to play weekly. This consistent game time during these crucial rounds could make him a strategic short-term asset for your fantasy team.

However, post-Round 6, the situation may shift. At this point, fantasy coaches should evaluate Sharp’s performance and role within the Dockers. If he has performed well and increased his value, there could be an opportunity to trade him for more promising prospects, leveraging his early-season performance for a more impactful player.

Alternatively, if Sharp hasn’t lived up to expectations or better options are available, delisting him and returning him to the player pool might be the most prudent course of action. This approach to drafting and managing Sharp acknowledges his potential value in the early part of the season while remaining adaptable to changing circumstances as the season progresses.


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