#29 Most Relevant | Jayden Short

Explore the strategic fantasy football potential of Jayden Short, Richmond Tigers’ key defender, as we analyze his evolving role in the team’s dynamics and the impact of new coaching strategies under Adam Yze.

Delve into how Short’s significant market share, potential growth areas, and favourable early bye-round position him as both a reliable starter and a valuable upgrade target in your fantasy lineup.


Jayden Short is known for his dynamic style and impactful skills in the field. In 2023, Short remained a solid contributor to his team despite being restricted to 16 games due to a hamstring injury. Known for providing significant drive-off half-back, he has also shown versatility by spending much of 2022 in the midfield, demonstrating his adaptability and the breadth of his football abilities.

Short had a notable year in terms of fantasy statistics for 2023. In AFLFantasy, he averaged 92.5, with six scores over 100, including a season-high of 123, and only four scores under 80. This performance places him as the 11th-ranked defender by average for the current year. In SuperCoach, his average was an impressive 98.6, with eight tons, three of which were over 120, and only twice did his scoring dip below 80, ranking him 9th among defenders.

Highlighting Short’s resilience and scoring potential, it’s noteworthy to consider the impact of his injury. Specifically, in Round 16, he was subbed out before halftime due to a hamstring strain. Excluding this game, his seasonal averages would have been even higher – around 97 in AFLFantasy and 102 in SuperCoach. This adjustment underscores his scoring capacity even amidst adversity.

Short has been a model of consistency in the past three seasons, maintaining an average of 90+ across all formats and demonstrating prolonged periods of high scoring. Notably, before his injury-affected 2023 season, he had not missed a game for three consecutive seasons, showcasing his durability and reliability.

Jayden Short is a multifaceted option in a fantasy football community that values various attributes. He offers value for coaches looking for an efficient pick, consistency for those seeking stable scorers, a high-scoring ceiling for those aiming for big points, a dependable scoring floor, and a uniqueness that sets him apart from the pack. Short’s comprehensive skill set and proven track record make him a compelling choice in 2024, offering a blend of qualities that cater to a wide range of strategic needs and preferences.

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Jayden Short’s role within the Richmond Tigers has seen experimentation over the past seasons. Still, with the arrival of Tim Taranto and Jacob Hopper, he has been repositioned back to his preferred halfback role. This shift is crucial, as Short has been integral to Richmond’s strategy, evidenced by his significant market share of the team’s fantasy points.

In AFLFantasy/DreamTeam, he accounted for 6.2% of the Tigers’ points last year, slightly down from 6.6% the previous year when he had more midfield responsibilities. This market share percentage is critical, indicating that Short remains one of Richmond’s primary ball users and a top contributor to their fantasy scoring, regardless of his specific role.

The arrival of new coach Adam Yze at Richmond has brought promises of ‘changing things up.’ However, according to those observing Richmond’s training sessions, these changes are unlikely to impact Short’s role significantly. He will continue in his effective halfback rebounding role, where he has already scored at a premium level.

Under Yze’s leadership, there’s potential for Short’s game to evolve further. One possible growth area is taking a more significant share of kick-ins; Short took 31 last year, less than teammates Dan Rioli and Nick Vlaustin.

Another potential growth area could stem from an overall evolved team game style. Under former coach Damien Hardwick, Richmond was among the lowest-scoring teams in total fantasy points. If Yze can enhance the team’s scoring, and assuming Short maintains his market share, there’s a path for him to not only push his average above 100 but potentially towards 110.

A key consideration is navigating the early bye rounds due to the AFL’s scheduling. Fortunately, the Tigers have their bye in round 6, which is relatively favourable compared to other early bye rounds. Starting premiums from teams with early byes is feasible but requires strategic team structuring.

Given Short’s history of scoring in the mid-high 90s and the early-season price dynamics, he is unlikely to significantly increase prices rapidly. This makes him a viable upgrade target post the round 6 bye for coaches who choose not to start with him.

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Jayden Short is a reliable D1 option across both AFLFantasy and SuperCoach formats. His consistent high scoring and versatility on the field make him a top pick for any fantasy manager looking to solidify their defence with a dependable and impactful player.


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