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Keidean Coleman is a dynamic presence for the Brisbane Lions, particularly noted for his smooth and effective play-off half-back. His teammates prefer getting the ball into his hands, recognizing his ability to efficiently rebound out of the defensive 50 and initiate the team’s forward movements. Coleman’s skill set is highlighted by his penetrating kick, which, combined with his strong football IQ, allows him to take the game on confidently.

He possesses the unique ability to create scoring opportunities seemingly out of nowhere, utilizing his agility and game sense to turn defensive plays into offensive advantages. His role as a key playmaker in transitions from defence to attack makes him an invaluable asset to the Lions, often the catalyst for their most effective and unexpected forward thrusts.

Looking at his fantasy footy stats for 2023, you can get some small glimpses of what the community hopes turns into his new normal this year. In AFLFantasy, he averaged 69.3, which consisted of two tons, including a season-high 111 against Richmond. While in SuperCoach, he averaged 71.3 and scored three tons. At first glance, these scores don’t create great excitement; in isolation, they shouldn’t.

But it’s the splits of what he did over the season’s final few months that have caught the attention of the fantasy community. Over the final seven rounds of the home and away season, Kiddy averaged 89.2 in AFLFantasy/DreamTeam and 90.1 in SuperCoach, an increase of almost 20 points compared to his current starting price.

Further to this, his AFL series was even stronger. He averaged 102 in AFL Fantasy and 106 in SuperCoach, including a 127 in the AFL Grand Final, his season and career-high score. If you contrast this three-game average to his starting price, it’s a potential upside of 32.7 points per game in AFLFantasy and 34.7 in SuperCoach.

Kiddy’s journey in the fantasy landscape has showcased a trajectory of promising scoring potential, evident in his performances throughout his career. In 2022, Coleman’s average in AFLFantasy was a commendable 77.7, highlighted by two scores over 100 and four additional scores in the solid range of 90-99. This performance underlines his ability to contribute consistently high scores, making him a valuable asset in fantasy leagues.

In the SuperCoach format, Coleman’s performance was even more notable. He averaged 84, achieving four tons over the season. This included an impressive streak of three consecutive weeks where he hit the hundred mark, a testament to his scoring consistency and potential. Additionally, Coleman scored six more times with totals of 85 and above, reinforcing his capability as a reliable scorer in the SuperCoach format.

If you’ve found yourself in the market for a defender with premium scoring potential in the breakout range, Kiddy must be a player of consideration in your starting squad.

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Kiddy Coleman represents undeniable value in the fantasy football community, especially considering his performance in the final months of 2023 and during the finals series. His starting price, juxtaposed with his elevated scoring during this period, fuels excitement about his potential to reach premium levels.

The major challenge, however, lies in navigating his early bye-round in Round 2, which he shares with Carlton. This complicates decisions, particularly when considering other popular ‘value’ selections like Sam Walsh and Zac Williams from Carlton. Balancing these picks is crucial, as starting two or more of these players could increase the risk of relying on lower-scoring rookies during the critical best 18 weeks.

The key lies in prioritizing Coleman, Walsh, and Williams based on their importance to your team’s strategy, which will help determine if starting with Coleman is viable.

There’s always the possibility of trading into Coleman after the Round 2 bye. He could be an excellent choice for early trades, especially if you need to replace an underperforming mid-priced player in another line. This strategy allows you to capture value while managing risk effectively.

The conversation this preseason has largely centred around forwards, but the strategy for defenders should be noticed. Decisions here must be intentional, not just residual effects of choices in other lines. Considerations such as whether to start or fade Nick Daicos, who also has an early bye, are important.

Similarly, the ongoing relevance of top-line defenders like Tom Stewart, Jack Sinclair, and James Sicily needs to be assessed. Hayden Young, Zac Williams, Hayden Chapman, and various cash cows all factor into this narrative. Coleman’s potential inclusion in your team should align with these broader strategic considerations.

Coleman should be on your watchlist and considered for your team. If you need more confidence about managing trades around the early bye rounds, it might be prudent to look elsewhere but keep a close eye on Coleman. His performance could warrant early inclusion in your team, even if he’s not part of your initial starting lineup.

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In the context of preseason discussions for salary cap formats, Kiddy Coleman is being touted as a potential D3 pick. However, securing him as a D4 would be ideal, offering a balance between value and performance.

While there may be a bullish sentiment to select him as a D2 due to his upside, placing such high expectations on him could be a stretch. Playing it slightly safer with a D3 pick allows leveraging his potential without overcommitting too early in the draft.


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