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Dylan Moore emerges not just as a player, but as a pivotal decision in your strategy. Discover how this Hawthorn forward’s blend of consistency and potential can shape the backbone of your team.


Dylan Moore, a forward-midfielder for Hawthorn, has shown significant growth and impact in his role, particularly in recent seasons. His performance has been marked by substantial improvements, establishing him as a key player in the Hawthorn forward line.

In 2022, Moore took a major step forward in his development, distinguishing himself as one of the most damaging small forwards in the league. His ability to push into the midfield and make an impact complemented this. Statistically, he averaged 20.2 disposals, 5.6 marks, and 1.2 goals per game, metrics that rated him as “elite” compared to his peers. These numbers highlight his versatility and effectiveness in the forward line and midfield roles​​.

Moore’s performance in the past two seasons has been consistently high, reflected in his finishing in the top five in the Hawks’ club champion award during this period. These accolades show his ability to contribute significantly to the team’s performance​​.

Dylan Moore’s 2023 season in the AFL showcased him as a player with significant fantasy potential. Averaging 21 possessions, 4.7 marks, and four tackles per game, Moore made his presence felt on the field and in the fantasy football world. His ability to average almost a goal per game, coupled with ranking 14th overall in the league for tackles, underscores his all-around capabilities.

In AFLFantasy, Moore’s average of 88, including seven scores over 100 and three surpassing 120, positioned him 6th for all forwards going into 2024. This ranking reflects his ability to consistently contribute high scores, making him a valuable asset for any fantasy team.

Similarly, in SuperCoach, he posted an average of 87.4 with the same number of tons, including three over 120, ranking him 8th for all forwards to start 2024. These numbers indicate a consistent performance across both fantasy formats.

There is a definite upside to considering Moore for your fantasy team. In the final five weeks of the 2023 season, he averaged an impressive 99.4 in AFLFantasy and 104 in SuperCoach. Additionally, in the seven games the Hawks won last year, his averages soared to 104 in AFLFantasy and 111.4 in SuperCoach. If Moore can maintain or improve upon these numbers, he could easily become one of the most sought-after forwards in 2024.

Moore’s performance in 2023 wasn’t an anomaly. In 2022, he averaged 93.2 in AFL Fantasy and 90.5 in SuperCoach, demonstrating his capability for high-scoring games. However, it’s worth noting that many of these ceiling scores came when he played a midfield role towards the end of the year, a role he didn’t replicate as much in 2023.

Dylan’s fantasy football prospects for 2024 are bright. His consistent scoring, ability to hit high scores, and potential for further improvement, especially if he takes on more midfield responsibilities, make him a player to watch closely. As he continues to develop and take on more significant roles within the Hawks’ lineup, his value in both AFLFantasy and SuperCoach will likely increase, making him an attractive option for fantasy coaches looking for a high-impact forward in a line that we have the least confidence in.

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In 2023, despite expectations from his late 2022 performance, Dylan Moore didn’t see substantial midfield minutes, as Hawthorn ran a tight midfield rotation featuring Jai Newcombe, Will Day, Connor Nash, and James Worpel. While there’s potential for Moore to pick up some midfield time in 2024, his skills seem most impactful forward of the ball.

Additionally, the Hawks may prioritize increasing midfield time for Cam Mackenzie and Josh Ward, given their high draft investments. Moore’s role, therefore, might remain predominantly forward, where he has proven his effectiveness.

The dynamic of Hawthorn’s forward line has evolved, especially with the 2023 additions of experienced players like Jack Gunston and Jack Ginnivan, the drafting of Nick Watson, and retaining Luke Breust. This influx of talent doesn’t jeopardize Moore’s spot in the best 22, but it does indicate a forward side filling out with strong, young talent.

The narrative for selecting forwards in fantasy football in 2024 might need revisiting. We’ve focused on the uncertainty at the top and the upside in mid-range forwards, examining players like Elijah Tsatas, Zac Fisher, Josh Rachele, and Connor Macdonald.

However, instead of seeking value in forwards, a safer approach could be to build around a consistent performer like Moore. Pairing him with midfielders with a higher ceiling could yield better scoring and financial outcomes, even if priced similarly.

In AFLFantasy, for example, pairing Moore with a midfielder like Karl Amon, who showed a strong finish last season, might be more advantageous than opting for a combination like Sam Flanders and Jy Simpkin. Moore’s consistent scoring and a midfielder with a high ceiling could offer a more balanced and productive fantasy team.

Reflecting on Moore’s performance, his impressive averages in the final five games of last season (99.4 in AFLFantasy and 104 in SuperCoach) and in the Hawks’ wins (104 in AFLFantasy and 111.4 in SuperCoach) show both his upside and scoring consistency.

Importantly, the Hawks have the final bye in round 15, meaning Moore is available during the critical first six weeks and the challenging mid-season bye rounds. His scoring consistency over the past two years suggests he can reliably occupy an F1 or F2 spot until the byes, providing stability and allowing you to assess potential forward DPP gains before the Hawks’ rest week.

While selecting Dylan Moore might not seem like the most adventurous choice and could be viewed as too conservative, sometimes a ‘vanilla’ or safe pick in one area allows for more creative and high-risk selections elsewhere. Moore’s reliability and potential upside make him a solid foundation in your forward line, allowing you to explore more speculative options in other positions.

In the constantly shifting landscape of fantasy football, a player like Moore offers a blend of stability and potential growth, making him a valuable asset in any fantasy strategy.

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In drafts, Dylan Moore is unquestionably an F1, but the real question revolves around how much you value a reliable forward of his calibre. If securing a dependable F1 is high on your priority list, you’ll likely need to invest a top-40 pick in him. Moore could even be selected in some drafts as early as the 3rd round, depending on how highly individual managers rate forwards.

However, not everyone places the same value on forwards, which can work to your advantage. If you’re strategic and astute with your pre-draft tiers and rankings, there’s a possibility that Moore could slide down to a position where his value becomes undeniable. This makes him a potential high-value pick for those prioritising a solid and consistent forward in their draft strategy.


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