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“Explore the fantasy football prospects of North Melbourne’s rising star, Harry Sheezel, as we delve into his potential impact and role in the upcoming season. Uncover why Sheezel, with his impressive scoring ability and crucial game time during bye rounds, is a player to watch closely and consider as a key target in your fantasy strategy.”


Harry Sheezel’s debut season in the AFL was a testament to his immense talent and potential, marking him as one of the most exciting young players in the league. From the onset, Sheezel demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to the demands of top-tier football, showcasing skills that belied his rookie status. His agility, ball-handling skills, and footy IQ were evident in every game, making him a constant presence in the Kangaroos backline.

Sheezel’s knack for being in the right place at the right time and his sharp football intellect allowed him to significantly impact games, often trying to turn the tide in his team’s favour. His debut season was not just about individual brilliance; it also highlighted his ability to seamlessly integrate into the team’s structures and strategies, contributing effectively to both offensive plays and defensive efforts.

His standout debut season in the AFL was marked by exceptional statistical achievements, most notably ranking 11th in the league for effective disposals per game and 8th for uncontested possessions per game. These rankings reflect his precision and effectiveness with the ball, showcasing his excellent decision-making and understanding of the game.

This debut season from an AFLFantasy and SuperCoach was nothing short of remarkable, showcasing his rapid evolution from a highly sought-after cash cow to a premium player with dual-position status (DEF/FWD). His statistical impact in both formats underlines his fantasy relevance and effectiveness throughout the season.

In AFLFantasy, Sheezel averaged an impressive 97.3, hitting the century mark in 11 games, with three of those scores going over 120. Demonstrating remarkable consistency, he had only four scores falling below 80. These numbers positioned him as the 6th highest-scoring defender by average and 3rd by total points, making him one of the most valuable defenders in the game.

Sheezel’s impact on SuperCoach was equally significant. He averaged 99.5, with a commendable tally of 15 scores over 100 and four exceeding 120. This consistent high-scoring performance ranked him 8th among defenders by average and 6th for total points. His ability to consistently deliver high scores in SuperCoach further cemented his status as a top-tier defender in the format.

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As we look ahead to Harry Sheezel’s role in the evolving North Melbourne side, several possibilities emerge, each with implications for his development and impact on the team.

Sheezel has made a significant mark in the halfback position, which he held down for much of last season. However, his junior career showcased him as a prolific and dynamic forward, so suggesting a potential return to a forward position could be on the cards isn’t out of the question.

However, there has been noticeable activity this preseason, with Sheezel spending considerable time working with the midfield group, hinting at a possible shift into becoming an elite second-touch midfielder. This transition could see him take on a more central role in the team’s gameplay.

North Melbourne’s squad decisions complicate this scenario. The team has a strong contingent of inside midfielders, including Luke Davies-Uniacke, Will Phillips, Tom Powell, and Jy Simpkin. This may limit opportunities for Sheezel to break into this group, let alone clip his fantasy output should he get game time there.

The recent top 5 draft pick Zane Duursma, a dynamic medium-sized forward, adds to the competition in the forward line. Additionally, the trade acquisition of Zac Fisher for a rebounding role and the potential development of Colby McKercher in a similar capacity to what Harry held last year might influence Sheezel’s placement on the field.

Given these factors, Sheezel’s best current and long-term role in North Melbourne remains a topic of speculation and strategic consideration. The club’s investments across various positions indicate a wealth of talent that could be utilized in multiple ways, making Sheezel’s ultimate role a subject of keen interest.

As the preseason progresses, insights from the club through press conferences and practice matches will be crucial in informing Sheezel’s role within the team. These developments will be key for fantasy football coaches to monitor, as they could significantly impact his fantasy output and relevance in the upcoming season. The evolving dynamics at North Melbourne and Sheezel’s adaptability and skill set intrigue his role, with potential implications for the team’s strategy and individual performance.

The phenomenon of second-year players in the AFL becoming outright fantasy football premiums is a rarity, reserved for a select few who have showcased exceptional talent and adaptability early in their careers.

We’ve some notable exceptions: players who have defied the norm to become elite fantasy options in their second season. This exclusive club includes the likes of Jack Macrae, Nat Fyfe, Marcus Bontempelli, Tim Taranto, Clayton Oliver, and Nick Daicos. These players didn’t just improve in their second year; they exploded onto the scene, delivering performances that catapulted them into the upper echelons of fantasy football scoring.

For a second-year player like Harry, this means that while the precedent for becoming or maintaining a premium scoring level in the second year exists, it is a challenging path that requires exceptional performance and consistency in scoring and, ultimately, in the role.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Harry Sheezel’s exact role in the North Melbourne Kangaroos lineup, there is an undeniable attraction in selecting him for fantasy football teams, particularly due to the team’s schedule and his demonstrated scoring potential. A key advantage of having Sheezel on your fantasy team is that the Kangaroos play every game during the early bye rounds.

This period is critical in fantasy leagues as it operates under the ‘best 18 on the field’ rule, where having reliable players who are consistently on the field can significantly impact overall team performance.

Sheezel’s value is further amplified by the strong scoring ceiling he has already showcased. His ability to post high scores, even as a first-year player, indicates his potential to be a difference-maker in fantasy teams.

While there’s some level of risk due to the ambiguity of his role, his proven ability to score well makes him an attractive option. His presence in the lineup during the bye rounds, when player availability can be challenging, adds to his appeal.

His high relevance in the fantasy football landscape is undeniable, given his proven scoring ceiling and his North Melbourne Kangaroos team, which plays every game during the critical early bye rounds. While there is some uncertainty regarding his exact role within the team, it is essential for fantasy managers to closely monitor Sheezel’s position and performance both in the preseason and as the season progresses.

This vigilance will provide valuable insights into his potential impact and suitability for fantasy teams. Even if not initially included in the starting lineup, Sheezel undoubtedly warrants consideration as a potential upgrade target for a trade during the season. His ability to deliver high scores and his availability during bye rounds make him a strategic asset in fantasy football, capable of boosting overall team performance at crucial moments in the season.

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Based on his impressive 2023 average, Harry Sheezel is ranked as a D1 player, indicating his significant potential impact in fantasy leagues. However, the timing of the draft and the evolving information about club roles and team dynamics will play a crucial role in determining his exact draft position.

There’s a broad spectrum of where Sheezel might be picked. Given his high performance and potential in some scenarios, he could be selected as early as within the top 30 overall picks. This early selection would be driven by confidence in his ability to replicate or exceed his previous year’s performance. On the other hand, he could slip outside the first 50 selections.

This drop could occur due to uncertainties about his role in the upcoming season, potential changes in the Roos team strategy, or simply because of a role change at North Melbourne.


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