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In the wake of an impressive 2022 season, Andrew Brayshaw showcased his prowess yet again, emerging as one of the league’s standout young midfield talents. He has consistently maintained an average of over 25 disposals per game for three consecutive years, showcasing his remarkable ability to win possessions.

Andrew Brayshaw’s ascent into the fantasy football elite continued unabated in the 2023 AFL season, with the Fremantle midfielder consolidating his status as a premier ball-winner and affirming his reliability as a fantasy asset. In AFLFantasy, Brayshaw’s prolific scoring saw him register 18 tons, tying him with Rory Laird for the most over the past two seasons, a testament to his consistency and scoring prowess. His ability to surpass the 120-point threshold on six occasions and peak with a breathtaking 157 points in a single game highlights the immense ceiling Brayshaw possesses. Aside from a solitary dip, Brayshaw maintained a scoring floor that never fell below 90, underscoring his role as a stalwart in fantasy lineups.

The narrative was similar in SuperCoach, where Brayshaw’s average of 108.9 was bolstered by 16 tons, including seven scores above 120. His rank for total points and average amongst midfielders places him firmly in the top echelons of fantasy performers, further cementing his status as a must-have in any competitive team.

However, Brayshaw’s season was challenging. An early-season knee injury threatened to derail his campaign, leading to a comparatively modest start by his lofty standards. Over the initial seven rounds, Brayshaw’s AFLFantasy average hovered around 102.5, with SuperCoach performances even more affected, averaging just 91 points per game. Yet, the mark of Brayshaw’s class and resilience was his remarkable recovery post-injury, elevating his average to 113.7 in AFLFantasy and an impressive 116.7 in SuperCoach for the remainder of the season. This turnaround speaks volumes of Brayshaw’s physical recovery and mental fortitude as he navigated through early adversity to finish the season on a high note.

This resilience and late-season surge present a compelling narrative for fantasy coaches pondering Brayshaw’s inclusion in their 2024 squads. The potential for scoring upside based on his end-of-season form, combined with his demonstrated capacity to overcome physical setbacks, makes Brayshaw an attractive proposition. His proven track record over the past two seasons, with averages well into the triple digits across both major fantasy formats, reinforces the notion that Brayshaw is among the elite midfield options today.

As coaches weigh their options for the upcoming season, Brayshaw’s combination of consistency, scoring ceiling, and resilience to injury offers a reassuring blend of reliability and explosive potential. With Fremantle’s midfield dynamics continuing to evolve, Brayshaw’s role as a key contributor is expected to remain unchanged, ensuring his relevance and desirability in fantasy football circles. As the 2024 season approaches, the question for coaches is not if Brayshaw should feature in their plans but rather how to best integrate his talents into a winning fantasy strategy.

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Andrew Brayshaw’s recent surge in fantasy football relevance is a testament to his consistent performance on the field, making him a worthwhile investment for fantasy coaches aiming for top-tier midfield prowess.

With a landscape devoid of last year’s value picks like Tim Taranto, Tom Green, Caleb Serong, Connor Rozee, and Nick Daicos—who all provided captaincy value with their ability to jump from 90s to 110+ averages—Brayshaw’s established baseline of 110 across recent seasons becomes even more appealing. His durability and dependability, highlighted by not missing a game and maintaining a high scoring average, underscore his value, even if it might seem he’s priced at his peak.

Concerns about Hayden Young’s shift into the midfield impacting Brayshaw’s scoring potential are unfounded. The data from the last five games, where they shared midfield duties, only reinforces Brayshaw’s scoring efficiency, with averages soaring to 116 in AFLFantasy and 122 in SuperCoach. This indicates that Brayshaw’s game benefits from the dynamic midfield composition, allowing him to excel in a more outside role.

Looking ahead to Fremantle’s early fixture list—featuring Brisbane, North Melbourne, Adelaide, Carlton, Port Adelaide, West Coast, Western Bulldogs, and Richmond—Brayshaw is in a prime position to exploit favourable matchups. Additionally, with Caleb Serong likely drawing the opponent’s tag, Brayshaw’s path to increased scoring becomes even clearer.

The strategic value of having Brayshaw during the challenging stretch of bye rounds cannot be overstated. His presence in your lineup ensures a high-scoring premium midfielder is available when player availability is most constrained, thus reducing the impact of lower-scoring rookies on your team’s performance.

Brayshaw presents a solid vice-captaincy or captaincy option each week due to his proven scoring ceiling and stands out as a beacon of reliability and potential growth. With all signs pointing towards a season where Brayshaw could average around 115, fantasy coaches have every reason to be bullish on his prospects for the upcoming season.

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Andrew Brayshaw’s stellar performances have solidified his status as a top-tier midfielder, warranting consideration for a coveted M1 position in AFLFantasy leagues. His consistent scoring, highlighted by many ton-plus games, positions him as a cornerstone for any fantasy team, making him a viable first-round pick for coaches looking to build a winning foundation.

Brayshaw’s prowess isn’t just limited to AFLFantasy; in SuperCoach, while his 2023 average might slot him into an M2 role, his proven track record and scoring ceiling justify elevating him to an M1 status, especially if it aligns with securing a standout premium in another line.

Brayshaw’s blend of consistency, scoring potential, and midfield dominance make him an indispensable asset across formats, and coaches would do well to prioritize him in the early stages of their draft, ensuring a solid midfield anchor around which to construct their fantasy roster.


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