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Tim English has quickly ascended as one of the AFL’s most promising ruckmen, showcasing a unique blend of athleticism and skill that sets him apart. Standing at an imposing height, English combines his natural ruck work with exceptional ground play, making him a versatile threat both in the air and on the ground.

His ability to read the play and position himself effectively allows him to dominate contests. At the same time, his mobility and agility enable him to cover the ground like a midfielder. English’s skills are not limited to his ruck duties; he is also a proficient ball user, displaying clean hands and a keen eye for goal when drifting forward.

His kicking and decision-making under pressure further highlight his comprehensive skill set, making him a critical asset for the Western Bulldogs and a challenging matchup for opponents.

Tim English’s 2023 season was spectacular, marking his emergence as one of the AFL’s top ruckmen. His blend of agility, skill, and work rate transformed the Western Bulldogs’ midfield dynamics, showcasing his evolution beyond a conventional ruck role.

In AFLFantasy, English’s average of 118.6 was bolstered by an impressive tally of 15 hundred, with a remarkable 75% conversion rate for scores over 120, including six over 140 and three over 150. His consistency was further highlighted by the fact that, out of the few games he didn’t reach triple digits, seven were in the 90s, leading him to rank first in both total points and average.

SuperCoach mirrored this outstanding performance, with English averaging 127.9, securing 20 tons with 15 scores over 120, and his scoring dipping below 100 in only three games. His lowest score was a still-respectable 88, underscoring his reliability and scoring power.

English’s ability to score in multiple facets of the game, from contesting marks to acting as a crucial link-up player, reflects a young version of Brodie Grundy at his best. His exceptional season was a testament to his development as a player and the patience required with rucks as English finally realized the breakout potential many had anticipated.

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Tim English’s preparation for the 2024 season at Whitten Oval has been a tale of careful management, with the Western Bulldogs’ star ruckman navigating through an interrupted preseason due to migraine-related symptoms. Despite missing contact training in December and January, English has made significant strides in recent weeks, diving into full contact training and match simulation. This gradual return to peak form presents both an opportunity and a quandary for fantasy coaches considering English for their ruck structure.

The ruck choices for 2024 revolve around a pivotal decision between five key players, each offering unique value and strategy implications. The reigning ‘set and forget’ duo of Rowan Marshall and Tim English, the potential resurgence of AFL fantasy stalwarts Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy, and the breakout candidate Tristan Xerri form the crux of this decision-making process.

Despite his preseason challenges, English remains a compelling choice due to his proven track record and sheer scoring potential. The question for coaches is not about his talent but about timing and strategy: weighing the benefits of his potential lower starting price against the initial points lost and the optimal moment to integrate him into their squad.

English’s fantasy appeal is bolstered by his remarkable finish to the 2023 season, where his scoring ceiling not only expanded but became increasingly impactful during the crucial final weeks. In AFLFantasy, his late-season flourish included three scores over 140, highlighting a significant part of his six-season highs.

Similarly, in SuperCoach, English’s prowess was on full display, with two of his three highest scores recorded in the season’s twilight. This trend underscores his role as a reliable captaincy choice, capable of delivering match-winning scores regardless of the opposition, thanks to his versatile skill set and ability to influence the game across multiple facets.

Ultimately, selecting English as one of the cornerstone rucks for 2024 boils down to a mix of strategy, preference, and foresight. Coaches must consider the broader implications of their ruck selections, balancing the immediate cost savings and scoring potential against the long-term benefits of securing a consistent, high-ceiling performer like English. As fantasy football evolves, English’s situation exemplifies the intricate decisions that define a successful fantasy season, blending risk assessment with the pursuit of unmatched scoring potential.

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There are only a few options for players that are worthy to be taken with the first pick this season in your draft. Tim English is one of those. If you don’t have one of the first two selections in your draft, don’t even consider the potential of landing him; it’s just not going to happen.


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