Breakevens | Round 14

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into a new round.

 J. Riccardi FWD$117,30082-33
 X. O’Halloran MID$154,10060.5-28
 T. Watson DEF$155,40061-28
 I. Mosquito FWD$123,90077-25
 B. Starcevich DEF/MID$256,80056.5-23
 S. DraperRUC$271,50083-21
 W. Walker FWD$183,30065-19
 D. MinchingtonFWD$141,50051.5-17
 K. Hayden MID$248,30052.4-17
 L. Butler DEF/MID$141,90051-16
 L. Melican DEF$289,50061.8-12
 L. Fogarty MID$279,40071-11
 N. Reid FWD$119,60041-10
 S. Skinner FWD$130,20044.5-10
 M. Frederick FWD$142,00033.7-9
 X. O’Neill MID$123,90059-7
 K. Brooksby RUC$117,30055-6
 Z. FootMID/FWD$141,10045.5-6
 S. PhilpMID$140,90045.5-6
 T. De KoningRUC$174,50049.3-5
 B. CavarraFWD$165,60045.3-4
 T. Fullarton FWD$123,90054-2
 H. Jones MID$123,90054-2
 E. WoodDEF$281,80060.6-2
 M. Gibbons FWD$372,00078.10
 M. Cottrell DEF$162,10043.70
 R. Stoddart DEF$138,700420
 H. Schoenberg MID$190,40053.20
J. Riccardi FWD$218,00087-25
 L. ButlerDEF/MID$229,00050.5-10
 S. Draper RUC$334,00057.8-8
 B. Cavarra FWD$247,00044.7-6
 T. Fullarton FWD$184,00040-6
 T. Watson DEF $255,00046-6
 M. HibberdMID$324,00052.3-6
 R. StoddartDEF $238,00047.5-4
 L. HosieFWD$239,00042.3-2
 J. Mcinerney MID$282,00044-2
 B. DavisFWD$182,00037-2
 M. Cottrell DEF $243,00042.7-1
 I. MosquitoFWD$190,00049-1
 B. Woodcock FWD$290,000470
 T. De Koning RUC$247,00041.30
 K. Strachan RUC/FWD$179,000310
 J. Payne DEF $179,000321
 X. O’Neill MID$188,000461
 X. O’HalloranMID$234,00039.33
 J. ButtsDEF $177,000303
 J. Jones FWD$273,00050.54
 J. Rotham DEF $423,00056.45
 T. MurphyDEF $260,00040.75
 S. Skinner FWD$283,00049.56
 J. BytelMID$238,00039.77
 N. Reid FWD$197,00033.57
 Z. FootMID/FWD$203,000358
 L. Melican DEF $286,00033.89
 J. Geary DEF$311,00034.810
 C. Ballenden FWD$187,0002610
J. RiccardiFWD$152,20087-49
S. SkinnerFWD$191,00050-29
L. ButlerDEF/MID$199,90051-28
B. CavarraFWD$240,50045-23
R. StoddartDEF/MID$202,10049-21
T. WatsonDEF $200,10046-19
J. GearyDEF$290,80035-17
 D. Minchington FWD$184,10040-13
T. De KoningRUC$227,10041-12
X. O’HalloranMID$189,70040-11
N. ReidFWD$156,90034-10
M. CottrellDEF$235,30043-9
I. MosquitoFWD$160,90049-9
L. FogartyMID$387,10060-7
R. LesterDEF$367,40045-7
S. DraperRUC$321,00058-7
B. WoodcockFWD$270,30047-7
K. HaydenMID $286,50037-6
X. O’NeilMID$160,90046-6
N. BlakelyFWD$406,40048-4
T. MurphyDEF$253,60041-4
Z. FootMID/FWD$182,10035-4
M. HibberdMID $306,60052-3
L. MelicanDEF$295,80037-1