Breakevens | Round 9

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into a new round.

 S. Giro MID$170,00059-49
 L. JonesDEF$139,80065-47
 C. Poulter MID/FWD$174,10066.3-43
 N. MurrayDEF$102,40050-39
 H. Edwards DEF$123,90052-30
 T. HighmoreDEF$167,50061.3-24
 R. Collier-Dawkins MID$182,50069-22
 L. Young DEF$198,30069-20
 T. CampbellRUC/FWD$293,20062.3-14
 N. Murphy DEF$159,40051.3-12
 Z. SprouleFWD$123,90043-12
 R. Byrnes MID$159,50051.7-8
 P. Hunter RUC $134,30044-8
 M. Owies FWD$167,90058-7
 J. RoweFWD$260,90059.2-5
 J. Sweet RUC $170,20059.7-4
 M. RedmanDEF$348,00071.8-4
 T. BruhnMID$161,60037.2-2
 H. SharpDEF/MID$117,30035.5-1
R. Collier-DawkinsMID$290,00071-18
 N. BryanRUC$195,00067-4
 J. Sweet RUC$283,000634
 M. Owies FWD$256,000555
 P. HunterRUC$245,00050.36
 C. WeightmanFWD$253,000737
 R. Byrnes MID$276,00060.37
 C. PoulterMID/FWD$288,00058.78
 A. BosenavulagiFWD$304,00063.78
 N. Shipley MID$187,000518
 N. MurrayDEF$197,00041.59
 R. O’Connor MID$185,000499
 Z. Sproule FWD$193,00039.510
 T. Highmore DEF$268,00054.710
 K. Briggs DEF/FWD$182,0004511
 M. Keane DEF$273,0004912
 H. Edwards DEF$212,0004612
 S. Giro MID$322,00057.713
 A. WatermanFWD$256,00051.714
 T. Fullarton RUC/FWD$215,00035.315
 S. Flanders FWD$352,00057.816
 J. MaddenDEF/FWD$175,0003418
 H. Ralphsmith MID/FWD$176,0003419
 T. Wilson FWD$175,0003319
 M. Flynn RUC$451,00085.219
 N. Murphy DEF$264,00048.720
 E. Jeka FWD$174,0002820
 M. HolmesMID/FWD$247,0005620
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S. GiroMID$224,30058-43
R. Collier-Dawkins MID$246,40071-41
C. PoulterMID/FWD$217,70059-29
L. JonesDEF$177,20053-28
N. MurrayDEF$132,80042-24
P. HunterRUC $189,70050-23
H. Edwards DEF$160,90046-21
 A. BosenavulagiFWD$263,40064-16
J. SweetRUC$231,90063-14
T. HighmoreDEF$210,50055-9
Z. SprouleFWD$160,90040-8
R. ByrnesMID$227,10060-6
M. OwiesFWD$217,40055-6
N. MurphyDEF$205,80049-6
Z. JonesMID$609,30085-5
A. WatermanFWD$192,10052-2
M. Flynn RUC$397,30085-1
L. YoungDEF$231,60052-1