UltimateFooty | Round 9 Positional Changes

After rounds 3, 6, 9 & 12 the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in season. As always players are required to have played a minimum of 3 games to be eligible and to be playing the new position as their primary role in the side.

14 players have gained an additional position. Five players have gained back status, three gaining centre, one new ruck and five have picked up forward status. Let’s look at who they are and the relevance to your draft sides and leagues.

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Aaron Hall | ADD BACK

Not even Nostradamus saw the scoring volume coming from Aaron Hall in 2021! He, alongside skipper Jack Ziebell, is mopping up everything inside the Kangaroos defensive half. While based on his history, he feels like an injury risk for his coach every single week, the scoring he’s offering is sublime. His true relevance is scoring big as a forward eligible option, but the DPP addition does add some versatility for his owner. An easy addition for UF to make.

James Stewart | ADD BACK

He’s playing a role for the Bombers, but the role isn’t translating into scoring for UltimateFooty. Playing as a key position option in the bombers defense his top score of 43 is nowehere near worth considering as a pickup.

Jy Farrar | ADD BACK

With scores of 86 & 74 in the opening 2 weeks, it looks as though the Suns had unearthed another player. However, since round 7, he’s had only 1 score over 50. Jy spent his time previously as a forward in the SANFL, but the Suns have developed him into a defender, and to be fair, he’s playing his role. Last week 9.8% of coaches dropped him back to the player pool, and I suspect another sub 50 score, even with a new DPP, will see a similar number of squad delistings. Pass!

Atu Bosenavulagi | ADD BACK

The former magpie forward has found a home inside a new loop Kangaroos backline. A simple addition for the team at UF, but not a highly relevant one. Before these DPP gains hit the system, we have 63 backs that are averaging 70 or more, while it’s just 54 in the forwards. Meaning, that right now, it’s harder to get a forward who could go 70 than a defender. If you weren’t one of the 9% of leagues that already own him, this DPP gain shouldn’t have changed your assessment of him.

Jack Sinclair | ADD BACK

Jack Sinclair getting back status is possibly less exciting than what it looked like in the preseason after scoring 112 in the AAMI Community Series. But with the saints trying to squeeze everyone into that midfield, Sinclair has been one of the players moved to the backline. A score of 102 plus two additional scores over 70 in his last five is solid enough to be picked up and added to your roster.

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Dan Houston | ADD CENTRE

Normally the addition of centre status is the least helpful for coaches. It rarely adds to any increase of on-field scoring but rather adds some squad versatility. While this is true for Dan Houston, the timing is additionally helpful for coaches who play through the bye rounds and might in some rounds be scampering for every available on field option.

Jack Crisp | ADD CENTRE

See comments above from Dan Houston!

Liam Baker | ADD CENTRE

Over the past few weeks, the Tigers have been destroyed by injuries through the midfield. It’s meant their coaching staff has had to get creative with who plays through the midfield. Liam Baker was played heavily through the midfield last week and spent some weeks prior also higher up the ground. It looks like this was enough to give the premiership tiger a new DPP.

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Caleb Graham | ADD RUCK

Here are a list of reasons for why you should consider picking up Caleb Graham

  1. You are Caleb Graham, and you’d like to own yourself!
  2. As coach, you are intentionally tanking your league results to benefit your own future draft position or annoy other league coaches.
  3. It’s a customised league that means you play with 2 rucks on the field plus bench cover. Meaning anyone playing with ruck status helps, and his weekly 40 points are the difference between having bench cover and no cover at all.

Other than these three reasons you should be steering clear.

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Lachie Hunter | ADD FORWARD

By name value, this is probably the biggest addition to DPP stocks for this batch. Historically, Lachie Hunter has been a safe 90-100 performer over the years. But in 2021, he’s been squeezed out of the wing role instead of playing as a high end half-forward. He had an ADP of 39, so this is some respite for coaches who spent an early pick on him and have been getting a low return on investment. He moves now into the F1 or F2 spot for most coaches.

Callum Ah Chee | ADD FORWARD

From his 8 games in 2021, he’s scored over 50 in just 2 of these games. You don’t want that as a back or a forward. Pass!


I really like Sam Berry as a player. He adds something to an Adelaide Crows side that, for a few years, they’ve lacked. That being a hard at it defensive mindset and a player that loves to tackle. He averages 5.3 tackles per game, and in time, the other elements of his game will develop. As that happens, the Crows are letting him build along nicely as an occasional midfielder, but more so as a pressure forward. His average of 50 isn’t anything to consider for seasonal leagues, but in keepers, he might be worth a pick up depending on how many you can hold on your list.

Shaun Higgins | ADD FORWARD

Earlier in this article, I highlighted the lack of forwards who weekly are safe 70+ scoring options. With Shaun Higgins now added to the list, existing owners now have something to smile about. Shaun has filled the void left by the Goat Gary Ablett in the Cats forward line. With scores of 78 & 85 since returning from injury, he moves from a probable bench option as a centre to an on-field forward. He’s still available in 20% of leagues, and I expect this DPP gain, ownership, and value to owners to increase.

Chris Burgess | ADD FORWARD

One score over 60. Pass