Breakevens | Round Two

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into a new round.

For SuperCoach and DreamTeam, we only include players on the price bubble who have played more than one game. Given its only one week of footy down, we’ll only highlight players in AFLFantasy with a breakeven of 20 or under.

K. Chandler FWD$260,000104-27
H. Sheezel FWD$358,000118-17
B. Uwland DEF/MID$233,00068-4
L. PedlarFWD$246,00070-4
R. Ginbey DEF/MID$328,00092-3
C. CombenFWD$296,000800
A. Davey MID/FWD$237,000585
J. BytelMID$340,000836
J. MenzieFWD$313,000748
D. WilmotDEF$219,000498
J. McVee DEF/MID$219,000498
C. Mackenzie MID$319,000759
C. Constable DEF/MID$368,0008710
M. BergmanDEF$217,0004610
N. LongFWD$211,0003815
A. BonarDEF$287,0005815
C. ChesserDEF/MID$207,0003219
A. Caminiti FWD$204,0002920
F. Greene FWD$205,0003020
M. Roberts MID$204,0002920