JLT Players of Interest: West Coast Vs Geelong

Last night Rids sat down to run his eyes over the efforts of the reigning premiers and Geelong. Here are his observations of the game from a fantasy football perspective.

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Patrick Dangerfield
If you were going to not pick Dangerfield then a reassessment is required. He is odds on to be the number one forward in all formats for 2019, if not the number one ranked player. Not sure if it was the jumper the Cats were wearing, but Dangerfield looked slim and very fit. He played mostly as a mid in this game which is all we need to know really. Locked and loaded.

Charlie Constable
Prior to this game we were desperately in need of a mid rookie that was priced below $200,000 to stand up and show his wares. Constable did exactly that. He scored 90’s across the formats from 26 disposals. He won’t do that week in week out but he showed plenty tonight to suggest that he should crack a debut very very early in the season. Let’s hope it is round 1!

Darcy Fort
I dont want to be too hard on this guy as it was his first crack at it. But he disappointed greatly. What had become a dream first choice ruck possibility at the Cats has now become a pipe dream. If he is your ruck cover, it might not be worth spending the extra $$$ from someone not playing. I don’t see how Fort plays ahead of Stanley after this game.

Jordan Clark
Geelong’s first draft pick in last year’s draft. Got tired of hearing about how Freo had pick 17 and this is why he was still available for the Cats in the draft. Anyways, what I saw I liked! He played the general off half back in the absence of Tuohy. Even took one of the marks of the night in the second quarter. He looked to have time and poise with ball in hand. Definitely one to add to the watchlist.

Mitch Duncan
Looked to start behind the ball a little in this game. He had 29 touches and 10 marks yet I hated the role. Maybe it is because he reminds me too much of seagull Stanton from a few years back where he racks it up but never really influences the game or result. Maybe too harsh? Maybe…

Brandan Parfitt
The most interesting role of the whole game. Played mostly as a pure mid and attended many centre bounces in the contest. One to monitor although I am unsure the answer of “How many Cats can fit into a forward line?”.

Gryan Miers
I like this kid. He has x factor and really adds a new dimension to the Cats forward line. Monitor JLT2 as he is every chance to play many games in 2019! Has a little bit of Tom Papley about him from a few years back.

Tom Atkins
I am unsure why players are going for stupid looking staches! Atkins is one of these guys. The reality however is that he is a tackling machine! Just ask the commentators who repeatedly told us he was one. We even got to hear about the VFL record of 23 in a game. Almost made me want to put a line through him. No idea where he sits with JS but he is mature aged. And yes…. he is a tackling machine. Something the Cats are not known for in previous years.

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West Coast

Dom Sheed
Let’s get this out of the way quickly. Fox’s boy was easily best on ground. He is an accumulator and is the type of player I usually like in DT as he will never get a tag. But the reality is he is priced very awkwardly in all the formats and is not really in the ‘consideration section’. Outstanding game nonetheless! Draft option? Definitely has potential to be a smokey mid option.

Francis Watson
Simply wow! This kid did everything he could to catch the eye. I love how he moves and reads the play. He oozes class and adds a lot to the Eagles half back line. With Gaff out early, he could easily get an early season game as well. The other thing to note here was that he went 90+ in DT and AF and from only 17 disposals. Everyone knows I love a player who enjoys his cuddling! Watson was very affectionate and distributed 10 hugs in this game. Just what the doctor needed! A defensive rookie that is well priced and has scoring potential. I would like fries with that thanks!
Note: his SC numbers were down in contrast to his DT/AF numbers. Keep an eye on this moving into JLT2.

Jack Darling
Kicked 5 goals and really looked to relish the number 1 forward spot. He started 2018 on fire as well and could reproduce. Just need to be aware of when to jump off the ship but could be set for another blistering start to the season proper.

Elliot Yeo
Had a very intriguing battle in the midfield with Dangerfield. He doesn’t really lockdown on players but rather makes them accountable for their touches while finding plenty of it himself. Doesn’t appear to be any change with the Yeo role for 2019. If you liked him before, then you still like him after this game!

Oscar Allen
Took a couple of good marks and kicked 3 goals. Very nice footballer to watch. I cannot go near him however due to 2 reasons. 1. JJK will be back at some stage which will definitely impact Allen. 2. Kicked 3 goals and impacted the game a lot yet his scoring was around the 70 mark. I would suggest that is his ceiling for the time being. Which means he could easily pump out some 20’s and 30’s when he doesn’t kick those goals. Very good talent coming through however and very much the JJK replacement in the next year or 2.

Tom Hickey
I thought he improved as the game went on which is positive signs. The problem however is time spent in the ruck role. If the split is 50/50 then it won’t be enough for him to average what is required as we try working out the best rucks for 2019.

Andrew Gaff
Ran around and did Andrew Gaff things. Remember though he misses rounds 1 and 2 through suspension (just in case you didn’t have the sound up on the commentary last night and were not reminded every time he touches the ball – 27 times to be exact).

Jack Petruccelle
Fwd rookie who just doesn’t score enough to be relevant unfortunately. The club apparently love him and his quickness. If the formats paid you to start him I would probably decline.

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