Koel Kings: Round 13

Welcome to another Koel Kings we can talk weekly captaincy options. The difference with this year’s captaincy advice is we won’t be telling you who is the best captain selections overall or even ranking them, but instead explaining who our previous Nobel Koel winners will be selecting in their teams and why.

Russ: Fyfe with a weeks rest will come out guns blazing…130+ If not my captain will be Cripps and will have fun with Libba hanging off him..140+

Troy: VC: Thursday night loophole with Sloane getting first crack at the armband. C: Going with J Kelly to have the ball on a string.

Colin: VC – With the lack of options due to the set up of my team, will be hoping Cripps delivers again. C – Putting the faith in Cogs if required

Russ: VC: Caleb Daniel will rack them up against the Blues..125+. If he misses the maker then the C will be on J. Kelly. Hopefully, he will just rack it up with no tag and go 130+.

Troy: VC: Merrett is my man Friday night to hopefully put up something decent. C: New coach new Crippa? If Merrett fails I’ll be hoping for a repeat effort.

Colin: VC – New recruit Merrett against the Hawks C – Macrae to find some form and have a big one against the Blues