Navigating The Festival of Football

It all begins tonight, 33 games over the next 20 days! As an AFL fan, it’s a thing of beauty. As a coach of fantasy football teams, it’s layered with potential chaos. To help you through the next few rounds, we asked the members of The Coaches Panel to share with you some essential tips to get you through the next rounds.

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Don’t to treat it like a normal bye round | Rids

Years gone by have had six teams missing in a single bye round. While that may happen in the weeks yet to be announced, currently the two rounds we do know are either two or four teams missing. The result is it won’t be as hard to navigate the byes. The issue will be the compressed fixture and the possibility of testing of players.

Know your side | Kane

When are your players 22’s announced? When are they locked out? Hold your moves as late as possible. Prioritise long term issues instead of short term cash drops

Utilise the rolling lockout | Rids

Maximise the bench loopholes with rookies. You might be able to make up some points, additionally move a possible poor cash cow score to get it off the field.

Points On Field | Rids

Always try to leave a trade in the kitty for an emergency. Identify rounds where cash will be king (more viable rookies available on the bubble) but never lose sight that points on the field will always determine the ranking or league wins.

Weather Watch | Rids

Always be aware of the weather forecast before making a trade. Wet weather footy can impact different players.

Know the new rules for each format and use them to advantage. | Tim

They each give different opportunities for those who plan. Like any good plan you also need backups.