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#48 Most Relevant | Cam Guthrie

A big buzzword of every fantasy football preseason is ‘value.’ Cam Guthrie has the historical backing to give coaches plenty of score upside and deliver fantastic value. While many won’t be talking about him yet, he will be one of the most relevant players in 2024.

Possible DPP’s | Round Six

Before rounds 6, 12 and 18, the gang at Champion Data add some new DPP into the game. After the round, the first list of names and positions will be released. Historically, players need at least 35% to be considered for a new position allocation and at least four games. So let’s see which players are locked, close or have no chance of getting DPP.

#32 Most Relevant | Cam Guthrie

One of the most underrated fantasy footy premiums over the past two seasons is Geelong midfielder, Cam Guthrie. With coaches clamouring to spend the megabucks on the big premiums, Guthrie looms as one of the best sneaky options in 2022.

Upgrade Targets After Their Bye | Round 12

One week of the multi bye rounds is over. We now have six teams that have no more scheduled rests for the remainder of the season. Here’s a club by club breakdown of potential upgrade targets who have had their bye round.

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap Up | Round 9

How good was Friday night! The start of the round. Another weekend of Supercoach for us. And to top it off, Tommy Highmore makes it back into the team! A late in for the Saints and a big win for plenty of coaches, a number of whom were no longer having to contemplate a donut in their defence.