Supercoach Weekend Wrap | Round 3

Easter weekend. 

It’s all about death and resurrection. 

And this weekend we’ve seen both.

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Round Three

We saw the resurrection of Brisbane on Thursday night as they managed to grab the win after the final siren. Considering they’d only led 3 and a half minutes of the game it was a nail in the heart to every Collingwood player and supporter. Lachie Neale had a great first half, one that reminded us all of how rapid his point scoring can be even if he was nullified to an 83 in the end. It might be a smart idea to think about picking him up in a few rounds when his price bottoms out. It’ll be a temptation at least. 

From a Pies point of view, Brodie Grundy is most definitely back and everyone who had the VC on him was happy. Except for one of my mates who managed to miss the lockout and was stuck with Macrae as captain. Offt, that’s one way to ruin a long weekend. 

Speaking of ruining a weekend, I’m reluctant to mention my team North Melbourne. It was like watching the death of a footy club in two hours. They were well and truly dead and buried by the end of it. It’ll be years before any sort of resurrection occurs there. On a positive note, Jack Ziebell will be hard to trade if his numbers continue the way they are. He’s putting up keeper premium scores and is the only one worth considering on the list. 

Having had their greatest margin of victory ever the Bulldogs continue to show they’re a solid list of scorers. Even though they share the points around each week having a couple of them in our side will pay-off longer-term. For those 1400 owners who had Josh Bruce this week I salute you. You’re either playing a very smart game or you’ve never played this before. Either way, it paid off. 

I didn’t talk about Tex Walker last week because I had in mind jumping on some cheaper rookies with a greater chance of cash generation. It’s too late to grab him now, but he may have to be considered a top forward option if he keeps scoring at this phenomenal level. The game is doing wonders for him, a certain resurrection from his 2020 form. 

One player I have added to my watchlist after seeing some of his game is Hugh Greenwood. He may well have a 0.5% ownership for a reason, but with not many GCS midfield options he could be a great little POD once his price drops another 100-150k. 

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The Swans win over the Tigers was impressive, and they had more players grab a ton than I had on my long weekend jobs list. For those of us who have loaded up with as many Swans rookies as possible we’re about to find our teams worth a lot more. Errol Gulden is now the rookie with the greatest price rise ever and will keep rising for some weeks yet. Others like Chad Warner continue to score at levels unnecessary to trade. But it seems that Braeden Campbell will be the first to leave our sides after blowing out a 29 this weekend. 

Jordan Ridley is in serious consideration for our defensive line, if he wasn’t already. A score of 147 helps him hold the number one defender title. Jack Steele continues his good form with 132, the only thing consistent in the Saints team this season. Andrew Gaff rewarded those teams who stuck with him, even if he will come crashing down in price in coming weeks. And Luke Shuey returned with an impressive 122. 

For those Blues supporters out there, well done on keeping the Dockers quiet by not allowing any of their team to ton up. Oh, and well done on the win too. The eight 100s, including Cripps, certainly showed you guys kept your end up this week. 

In the final match of the round Cam Guthrie shows he may be a viable option going forward. And those who jumped on Jaith or Impey have enjoyed their offerings. 

The whole ruck debate from two weeks ago is now well and truly dead. There was nothing to worry two weeks ago, and this weekend showed just how dominant Grundy and Gawn are in those positions. Flynn will continue to make some good money for us, but surely is a stepping stone to one of those two. All I can say is, “O Captain! My Captain!”. 

I’m promising myself a no trade week this week. There are injuries to consider but for those who have got through relatively unscathed then we’ll be hoping for some good price rises and stability.